My best steem community.

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I want to say thank you to @malloryblythe for this wonderful contest For choosing to share your blessings with others, more blessings to you.

My favourite steem community is @steemchurch. Steemchurch community is a christain platform created by @sirknight, it is the first church on steem and it is marking its place in the world. The steemchurch is not just like another site, it is a site where lovers of God come together to share the world of God and are appreciated for it. The steemchurch has it branches in Ghana, Nigeria and Venezula.
In the steemchurch, you have the opportunity grow your spiritual life, movitional post are in constant supply. Your eyes is opened to evil of the world and Gods love in it.

The @steemchurchfarm is also a part of the steemchurch community where agriculture is promoted. The steemchurch community is the best place for every newbie because you are sure to get rewarded for every post you make .

In the @steemchurch, there are some very supportive steemians in the person of @sirknight, @sniffnscurry and others. I want to say a very big thank you for your love and support in the steemchurch community and outside it. May the good Lord
continue to bless and keep you for us.IMG_20180518_140915.jpg


This post is awesome. This is my first time of seeing this. I need to start writing articles to help my brothers and sisters in the Lord to grow spiritually and in faith. Count me as one of your writers on @steemchurch.

You really should... It is a great community.

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This is awesome @cuppcake, i love steemchurch also. I wish you the best in the contest.

Thank you so much @gracefavour.

You are beautiful and Jesus is our Creator Savior.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment

Lovely. How are you?

This is a great post to promote @steemchurch and @farms. I wish you all the best in the contest @cuppcake

hi just wanted to say that this post is great and a good link to steemchurch well done.

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