Followers Appreciation Promotion (20)

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Free Upvotes / BidBot / Resteems / Free @steemmonsters

Followers Appreciation Promotion

I like running this promotion as a show of appreciation to everyone that follows me and takes the time to comment on my blog posts. This weeks prizes will be a variety of things that will be given out at random. One prize per user. The list of potential prizes are below.


  • An upvote from me
  • I will send a micro bid-bot to your latest post
  • @steemmonster beta common card
  • I will send your latest post to the promoted section
  • A paid for resteem sent to your latest post


  • Must Be My Follower
  • Post a Link to your latest topic in the comment section
  • Thats it ( Upvotes & Resteems are appreciated but not required )

If your not sure what Steem-Monsters is
Click Here to visit their official site to learn more !

Disclaimer : With the promotion getting so many entries, I may miss an entry. This is not done intentionally nor will it happen often. Only post that are not past the 7 day payment threshold qualify for this promotion.

This Weeks Featured Followers

Our First Featured Follower this week is @poyim. Click here to visit @poyim latest post called,What the FLICK?! #23 - WIN Steem, Monsters, Resteem subscriptionwhere you have to guess what flick his pictures represent.

The Silence Of The Lambs

This Weeks Featured Followers

Our next featured follower for this week is @steven-patrick who showcases lots of different flowers among other interesting things on his blog. Below is a picture taken from one of his recent topics, Ranch Tools Sculpture - Wallis Ranch. You will have to visit the official topic to see more.

To Become a Featured Follower all you have to do is be my follower and participate in this promotion. Two random entries are picked each week and their blogs featured.


Rrrr Matey .. You won a free Beta @steemmonster card

If you haven't heard about Steem-Monsters yet
head on over to their website www.steemonsters.comand have a look around.

Thanks ya for the promotions, my link is related to Telos platform...Check it out, they will be giving out free coin air-drops for spreading the word as for their reward system, cheers!

sent to the promoted section

Thanks for all you do as well.

Micro bot sent + upvoted !

Thanks, much appreciated

  • I'll be online a bit less from now on, I'm (re)starting my new job in NY. My employer just booked my apartment, it's getting real! I'm freaking out! 🙈
That is awesome.
  • I wish you nothing but the best at you new Job !

Aw.. thank you!!! : )))

done dear...
here is my username....

Here is Free Spineback Turtle for you.
To learn more about Steem-Monsters visit

Thanks .. your article was sent to the promoted section of Steemit.

Your welcome .. Your post was sent to the promoted section.

Here is Free Spineback Turtle for you.
Thanks for participating in our promotion :)

To learn more about Steem-Monsters visit

You are pretty cool. We upvoted and resteemed you.

Our latest quick post for our incoming followers from Twitter:

You are pretty cool.

I can't argue with that.

Your post has been sent to the promoted section of Steemit + I upvoted. Thanks for upvoting and resteeming this topic :)

5E874C1C-C200-4F74-8861-52DDD03FCCD7.jpegsee you at Mardi Gras!

Upvoted ... thanks for participating.

Upvoted + sent to the promoted section.

Thank you very much for your great support @rentmoney!

OK, easy enough contest. You do a good job with the contests. I really do need to try to run something like this myself one time. Here is my latest post. Although my blog is full of about a week of posts about my most recent trip to Atlanta and that is not what this posting is about at all.

Thanks .. hosting contest is a great way to create interaction.

I will have to visit your blog later when I have more time and read about your trip but for the time being your above post has been upvoted and I also sent it to the promoted section of Steemit.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @resteemr!
Thank you for using @resteemr.

@resteemr is a low price resteem service.
Check what @resteemr can do for you. Introduction of resteemr.

I offer a thanks, a follow and a resteem! :) good day...

Thanks again @rentmoney for making me the featured follower this week! You do great work and are also appreciated! Keep it up!

upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for your support !

Thanks @rentmoney! That was my favorite photo from that post too :) Seems we have been following each other forever. I appreciate your support.

It does seem that way ... thanks to you as well for all the support.

Nice snowball effect of love. I like it.

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