1000 Followers Winners Announcement !

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Thank you to everyone who participated.

The original topic can be found here.


The three winners of the @dustsweeper starter accounts are :

Everyone who participated in the original topic will be getting one of their most recent post sent to the promoted section of Steemit.

I Will Pay To Resteem Your Post (3)


Woohoo! Thanks a ton mate @rentmoney! Glad to be amongst the 3. Congratulations to @apple96 and @pssf84 as well!

Your Welcome !

You should be getting a message via the wallet confirming your @dustsweeper account. I think its manually done so it may take a day or two.

Congratulations to the winners, but I can't believe I missed the original comp

Congrats to winners and Congrats again to @rentmoney for 1k!

Congrats on the great achievement and glad to see you giving back (as usual)! And I returned the money you sent to me so that you could send it directly to @dustsweeper... That way it will come from you and they will know it! ;)

So make sure you check your wallet and resend it direct to @dustsweeper!

Funds received ..

Thank You and thanks for the instructions on how to properly use the gifting service @dustsweeper provides.

You're welcome, I just wanted to make sure they knew it was from you... If I forwarded it to @dustsweeper then it would've said I gave it to them... :)

Congrats to everyone :)

Congratulations on the success may it be long lasting

Congratulations to the all winners

This post has received a 2.41 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @rentmoney.

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