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Hello again, contestants! We made it through Week 10 while watching our wallets shrink in size by about a third. But now we're back for Week 11!

For those of you familiar with the party game of a similar name, it's a copy with a twist. For those of you not familiar with the party game Cards Against Humanity, check out the Week 1 post for more details.


Week 10 Summary

Here is the prompt from last week:


There were 27 entries in Week 10! Here they are in vote count order:

@sparkesy43Aphrodite's ChildLink
@isarmoeweJohn BullLink
@blockuratortropicalmoistlowlandforests (grabber)Link
@sgbonusRed's Good GrooveLink
@justnyzThe Magic KidLink
@ernesto-guzmanplanted aquarium expertLink
@robertpayne114Nawaz SharifLink
@ropagaImperial Russian ArmyLink
@cetb2008The most hatedLink
@wingman56William JaggardLink
@hockneyUnique Feature IdLink
@corinneiskoreanperson believed to be possessedLink


Week 10 Winners

Lots of good stuff to choose from! There were the serious answers (as in, something he might actually have picked) but it looks like most of you when with the sarcastic ones.

My Personal Favorite

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.

By @a0i. Congratulations! I like this because it works on both levels. Since Trump really embraced the "deplorable" label, I could see him going with this. But it also works, because, let's be honest, sometimes he is pretty grotesque. But I also love all the second choices in @a0i's comment too!

The Crowd Favorite (by RNG to break the tie)

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.

by @simplymike. Congratulations! I really liked this answer too, for the same reason as @a0i's.

The RNG Award

If Donald Trump were to join Steemit, his account name would probably be @_______.
planted aquarium expert

by @ernesto-guzman. Congratulations!




TLDR; answer the prompt as a comment on this post using words from a random Wikipedia article

  1. No resteem or upvote is necessary, although it is greatly appreciated. If I get paid out more than more than 4 liquid STEEM from these posts, I will increase the number of winners.
  2. Use the Random Article feature on Wikipedia to get your valid list of words (your "White Cards", for those of you familiar with the actual party game). This link will take you to a random article. You can use any word(s) on the screen - intro, nav bar, anything!
  3. Answer in the form of a comment on this post. The format of your comment should be two lines: your answer word(s), and the link to the article you used (see sample answer to this week's prompt below)
  4. If you want to keep rolling for new random articles, that's your decision, although it's not in the spirit of the game. If you get a very short "stub" article or something written in another language, feel free to roll again though!
  5. If you intentionally use a specific Wikipedia article, I can't stop you, but again, it's not in the spirit of the game.
  6. Feel free to add the word "a" or "the" or similar "formatting" words to your answer if it would help it make more sense or sound better.


This Week's Prompt



My Sample Answer

This is the qualifying format I'm looking for in your comment down below:

a non-profit organization,_2018



There will be three shares of SBI awarded as prizes.

  1. One share to my own personal favorite
  2. One share to the crowd favorite (as measured by the number of upvotes, not the dollar amount)
  3. One share to a random qualifying entry

I've also set a small Steem Bounty on this post. All valid entries will qualify. I'd also recommend subscribing to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit.

This contest will run for a week, at which time I'll close it out, announce the winners, and kick off the next round.

Anyway, thanks for playing, and have fun! Here's the random Wikipedia article link again. See you in the comments below!

I was all out of cash to bribe the tax collector during my audit, so instead I tried bribing him with _______.


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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

A large portion of the northern half of Bracalba,_Queensland


Robert L. Usinger
Robert Leslie Usinger (October 24, 1912, Fort Bragg, California – October 1, 1968, San Francisco) was an American entomologist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, Davis. A fellow of the Linnaean Society of London, he served as president of the Entomological Society of America in 1965-1966. He produced over 250 publications, including several popular books, and was known as an expert on the Hemiptera, the "true bugs".


Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs is the author of nineteen novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories. Hobbs credits his sense of audience to his fourteen years of teaching reading and English in southwest Colorado. When he turned to writing, he set his stories mostly in wild places he knew from firsthand experience. Hobbs has said he wants to “take young people into the outdoors and engage their sense of wonder.” Bearstone, his second novel, gained national attention when it took the place of Where the Red Fern Grows as the unabridged novel in Prentice-Hall’s 7th grade literature anthology.


Ewwww, sounds more like a threat than a bribe.

The Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers. 7th ed.

a telephone tapping diploma of the Prime Minister.

I admit, not very creative. with this article ^^

the book, The Fajar Generation: The University Socialist Club and the Politics of Postwar Malaya and Singapore (2009).


Poh Soo Kai
Poh Soo Kai (Chinese: 傅樹介; pinyin: Fu Shùjiè) was a Singaporean politician, political prisoner. He was a founding member of the University Socialist Club and the People's Action Party (PAP).

I was all out of cash to bribe the tax collector during my audit, so instead I tried bribing him with _______.

jazz, soul and classic rock

Woo I won, thanks!

My entry for this week:

unmarried women


A Stub

Dang, the article I drew was a stub. The paragraph saying the article was a stub was as interesting as the stub article itself.


If you get a very short "stub" article or something written in another language, feel free to roll again though!

... and then she got a stub too ... :D

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