@newbiegames' New Initiative, and Lots of Contests!

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Contests and giveaways are a fun way for us small users to grow on Steemit, and also to win some Steem Monsters game cards. As I know some of my readers are interested in hearing about new contests, I thought I'd get the word out about this initiative by @newbiegames.

the initiative's banner

Image source: from the first post about the initiative.

@newbiegames has started a new initiative where they publish daily posts featuring contests. The featured contests I've checked have STEEM/SBD prizes, and Steem Monsters gold card prizes too! Not only that, but in addition to the prizes from the featured contests, we also have the chance to win an extra prize from Newbiegames as well. Users who join all the contests mentioned in the post will enter a raffle to win a share of @steembasicincome (which basically means upvotes for life on all our posts and that may be bigger the more shares we have). To enter the raffle, you must leave a comment on the Newbiegames post that featured the contests you took part in, and post links to all the comments with your contest entries.

Aside from all these contests, at the time of this post, there's an event where users who create a post to help spread the word about this Newbiegames initiative enter a draw to win 5 Steem Monsters cards. So, this makes one more contest!

So many contests :D ! If you are interested, visit @newbiegames' profile to look for the daily curation posts that feature contests, and have fun!

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Thanks for spreading the word about @newbiegames

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