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These are our selected games and contests for today. Join them all, grow your account and have a shot at an extra prize, just for playing.

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@newbiegames Steps Up

From today forward, @newbiegames is starting a new initiative.

Every day (if possible) we will be highlighting 3 to 5 contests. These contests will be chosen randomly. The only requirement is that they are fit for newbies.

The highlighted contests and games are probably not using the #newbiemes tag (yet), but we ask the hosts to condider using the tag for their next game or contest.

As always, we'll be listing all contests and games that use the #newbiegames tag in our 'Featured Games and Contests' post.


Recommended Games And Contests

Here are our recommended games and contests for Wednesday, August 29th.

Minnowbooster Competition : So you wanna be a whale? by @minnowbooster

End date: August 31st

Easy writing contest with a HUGE prize pool.



Meme challenge #84 by @fibra59

End date: September 2nd

For this challenge you have to make a meme of the photo above.
The winner will receive $10. Second and third place ánd mentions are rewarded too.



Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite Poem - Week 9 by @freewritehouse

End date: September 1st

To participate in this challenge you need to find a Freewrite Poemand tell something about it for a Chance to Win Memberships in Steem Basic Income.



Love Steem Monsters? 😍 Win a Rare Gold Foil Undead Priest 👊 No Upvote, Resteem, Follow Required! by @o07

End date: September 4th

All you need to do to participate in this giveaway is reply with a given comment. Easy peasy!



We recommend all @newbiegames members to participate in these games/contest, because there are some awesome prizes to be won.

After all, winning prizes is often the best way to grow your account a little faster.

Extra Prize

Participate in all mentioned contests and paste the links to all your entries in the comment section below.
(To find the link to a comment, simply right-click the time stamp of the comment and select 'Copy link'.)


If you've completed all contests, your name will be added to the drawing and you might be rewarded with a @steembasicincome share


If you want your contest or game added to one of our next editions, feel free to leave a link in the comment section of this post.


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This is helpful! Nice roundup as well. Good work and thanks for letting us know this info! :D