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Welcome to the platform!

You are really looking forward to the creative freedom Steemit allows its users. This platform seems like a great outlet for people to really express themselves.

I wish everything work out for you. It is great to have you in Steemit community!

If you want to learn more about STEEM. Please click the link below:

We even have more then 295+ Users today. (Total Number of Steemit Users: 184,015)

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Indexing All Tools & Services For Steemit Users by @roelandp.


Steemit Help:

This website with useful pages that should help in answering some of the questions that people have when they join Steemit by @thecryptofiend


eSteem (Mobile & Desktop)

by @good-karma


It is mobile and desktop application for Steem! eSteem is offering some of the unique features (Bookmarking, Post Drafts, Image upload/capture, Personal Gallery, Notifications, many more) for mobile users!

  • eSteem Mobile: Please click the pictures below to download app today:

  • eSteem Desktop: Evolution of eSteem desktop app is under development.

Platform for Steem

A desktop wallet for STEEM


As beta software, there may be rare situations data is corrupted or wiped, so please use at your own risk and backup backup backup. by @jesta

Jaxx wallet: is the largest multi token and coin wallet on 9 platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux!


They are moving forward adding new tokens, of course one of them being Steem!

SteemFest: This idea of a global "CONFERENCE" by @steemfest

You really like the local meetups and You really add value to the Steem ecosystem but for SteemFest the "VISION" is to bring many steemians from all over the world together to nurture new IRL relationships, learn from each other and just have great fun...


You can get STEEM from the following exchanges:

STEEM current price is [฿0.00090391(14.37%)] - [$2.54 (15.75%)] . It has a current circulating supply of 233,984,619 (+42,014) coins and we reached an trading volume of more then ฿4,474 . STEEM is now Number 11 at the CoinMarketCap list.

Another great mind to join the likes of @steemitblog,, @jesta, @good-karma, @furion, @roelandp, @kevinwong, @arhag, @xeroc, @someguy123, @kencode, @blocktrades, @peerplay, @cryptoctopus, @andrarchy, @kingscrown, @pfunk , @voronoi, @thecryptofiend, @klye, @teamsteem, @virtualgrowth, @timcliff, @avilsd, @trevorlyman and all of the other un-named blockchain theorists and builders that exist out there in the wild today. Who else am I missing? We've got a great team here.

Steemit is changing lives for the better for every participant. Steemit is the revolution waiting to happen for mass audience.

Congratulations! can't wait to see your contributions to the Steemit community...

Thanks for reading.
Best Regards,

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This is terrific hien-tran. Up-voted and resteemed for sure. Wish I had of had this 3 weeks ago - but better late than never. You are welcome to come to my 500 party too mate - please check it out. SirKnight.


This is a great post @hien-tran So helpful! cheers mate


I think this should go to every new user's site as soon as they sign up. A "Welcome to the Neighborhood" gift basket, so to speak.


Thanks I appreciate your support!