Dummies Guide to Attracting More Up -Votes for Newbies.

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     Did you ever wonder why one author seems to get the positive votes so easily but,  you are stuggling to attract more up - votes?
    After 2 weeks of up - voting and receiving up - votes from 80 + followers,  I have better idea of how to attract more votes.
    Honestly, the main reason I up - voted someone's content was   because I felt the author was genuinely in wanting to  bring more real value to me, as a reader.    
    Also, I felt that the author was answering my questions quickly when I needed information for my urgent problems.

    Below you  see my original content which shows my cry for help and how 2 authors came to my rescue:

 HELP! Unable to upload images since www.imgsafe.org is non-functional. 11 hours ago by hanamana5v 

What alternative Image uploader we can use to down- load photos and videos in here? 

videos images howto   11 hours ago by hanamana51 $0.00    7 votes    7Reply Edit Share 

Sort Order:  trending   techslut57  ·  11 hours ago https://www.steemimg.com of course. 

Reply     hanamana51  ·  10 hours ago 

Thanks Techy Geeky Slut.
Great support. Up voting one of your blog. Reply Edit   

  techslut57  ·  7 hours ago Anytime. I am happy to help. Reply  

 supergoodliving53  ·  10 hours ago 

I tried to use steemimg, but I can't get an activation e-mail. :( I'm using postimg.org right now. It works great! :) 

Reply     hanamana51  ·  10 hours ago Thanks for help. You are a great support. Now, i can move on with the next snake video. Look for it next. Up voting one of your blog.

      You need not be too shy to ask for the up – vote when you have up – voted other person's content first that you got great value or help. 

Also, tell that author which  post is the newest one to up – vote. (See above conversation)
    Furthermore,  in the beginning I had selfish reason for up-voting since I was only wanting the other author to recipricate the same.   However, WI found out  I got more up-votes when I was helping other with their challenges especially when they were new to Steemit.

     See below how I helped a newbie needing anyone's help:

Hi im new! 5 hours ago by friiq26 in help 

Hello! Can someone help me get started? I've just understood some basic stuff on this site, so i basicly wanna know a little bit more, because i really wanna learn how this site Sincerely,
Friiq / Pat help   5 hours ago by friiq26

  hanamana51  ·  5 hours ago 

Welcome. First, write a post about youself so, we can get to know you.
Also, up vote other peoples content you like so they earn money from your vote.
Get Followers then, you follow back .
Much sucess. 

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Click below 

https://steemit.com/steemit/@thecryptofiend/the-missing-faq-a-beginners-guide-to-using-steemit Reply Edit Delet
  hanamana51  ·  2 hours ago https://steemit.com/steemit/@donkeypong/announcement-steemit-101-e-book-released-for-free-part-1 https://steemit.com/steemit/@donkeypong/announcement-steemit-101-e-book-released-for-free-part-2

    Need to always recepricate back with an up – vote when receiving one.  Be sure to let the up – voter know you have up -voted to acknowledge the positive action you received.
    Finally, you could always ask more experienced authors why the gave out  votes. 

I aske them during my first day as a newbie a week ago. 

Below  the actual feed backs:

fathermayhem39  ·  1 week ago 

Hey Hanamana, I have a Hanuman mask from Bali on my wall. :-) 

To answer your questions, I upvote content that engages me and / or that I just, like. I help Steemit best by being as genuine as I can with my upvotes and posts. Obviously the cryptocurrency aspect has it's enticement, however, as a newb, I figure I'll create the best content if I don't overthink it and pine for an specific outcome. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are pretty important to me. 

However, I'm not one to lambaste people about it. If I can tell that there is heart and solid effort in a post - or I dig the content a lot - then I'll upvote something with the aforementioned errors / mistakes. I do not plan to upvote content that I don't enjoy or that I am not interested in, unless, it is brilliant in it's composition. I believe in preserving my integrity, my voice. So "selling my upvote" for an upvote in return would feel disingenuous. 

Besides, I have a wide range of interests and people is one of them, so I don't see myself disregarding a ton of content due to disinterest. I like that you are asking this question! Getting a conversation rolling. I'm the type of learner that works best by doing. I couldn't read a manual and then address the computer. I have to be doing it while I'm learning it. FWIW, I don't fault anyone for going about it in a more ... proactive manner. I'm older, more established, if you will. Reply     merej9961  ·  1 week ago I have to agree with @fathermayhem on several points. I lean toward posts with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling as well, but I also keep in mind that there are many quality creators whose first language is not English.
About a month into Steemit, I decided I needed to start from scratch and unfollowed everybody. I did this because in my first 30 days, I realized I was following people for the wrong reasons. Sure, I want to earn curation points, but my feed was full of content that I couldn't care two shakes about.
I've been slowly adding people to follow and my feed reflects my interests now. Those people are more likely to get an automatic upvote. But I don't stop there. Unless I am truly just curating content from the bigger money-makers, I'd say I follow up with a comment about 90-95% of the time. In my opinion, it gives an upvote more meaning.


whatsup57  · 1 week ago I vote for things I agree with, things I enjoy, and sometimes just to support an Author or let them know someone saw their work! I voted on this article because I saw someone looking for ways to be successful and I admire that and the willingness to talk about it. Following.

Reply     hanamana51  ·  1 week ago Hi whatsup,
Thanks for realizing that I want to succeed as a blogger in here. I failed most of my English classes in school as trying to learn English as 2nd language. First time blogging starting couple days ago. Still learning to write well.

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gramion25  · 1 week ago I upvoted your post and I'm not telling why. That's the Evilest Thing I Can Imagine. Reply     hanamana51  ·  1 week ago Thanks for being honest.

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  whatsup57  ·  1 week ago lol


pulpably44  · 1 week ago When I'm trying to only upvote the best posts, I look for how much research went into them, how polished, how unique and engaging. But, I'll probably also upvote those who have upvoted me and said kind things about my posts, even if their posts are short and funny instead of long and complex.

Reply     hanamana51  ·  1 week ago Hi Pulpably,
I am glad I have upvoted your content and hope I said nice things about your posts...lol

Reply     pulpably44  ·  1 week ago I mentioned you in my most recent post as an unsung hero and linked to your introduction. I think you have the kind of personality that does really well here. $0.00    2 votes    Reply     hanamana51  ·  1 week ago Thank you. Reply Delete


barcisz48  · 1 week ago Upvoting is a way of giving positive feedback, so if something's worth reading, it's also worth upvoting. Same thing goes for the Like button on facebook and similar buttons on other platforms. Money rewards on Steemit could push me to change this attitude, but I try to keep it anyway. :)

  Reply     hanamana51  ·  1 week ago Thanks for upvoting and giving me a feed back.

Finally, Up-voting is a popularity contest not so much quality even though some will up-vote because you have  good quality content. 

Read this article:   https://steemit.com/steem/@smooth/voting-is-a-popularity-contest


     Today, you don't have to wonder why one author seems to get up - votes so easily.     

Now, you don't have to struggle or learn the hard way to attract more positive up- votes.

So, what you waiting for? 

Up – vote this latest post of mine and I promise you,I will up – vote your latest content, if it brings me value and helps me with my problem.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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That was a really good article, this whole steemit thing is a little confusing, I upvoted you, thanks!


Lot to learn but take one day at a time to learn. Most important is to know how to up votes then, get others to follow you when you follow them.
Here is the link to basic 1o1, Steemit.

I will give you the part 2 when you are done reading part 1...Let me know when you need part 2

Much success.

This was a nice article, I liked the helpfulness.


Thanks. You helped me a week ago. So, I want to pass on what I learned from u and help the struggling newbies.

Contents which add value to readers will defintely be upvoted. Steemit is about learning and sharing


Thanks for your nice comment. Much success to you too.

What a great post. I am new to steemit and haven't made a dime so this article was so much help to me. Thank you


Sorry to hear you had not made a dime. Keep putting content out there. Write about what you know and like.
This is a long term success...6 months and year later you will have made $.
Here is the joke to cheer you up.

Thanks for linking me to this post
As a newb I found it usefull


I also resteemed this post because through it I learnt about the resteem button haha :D


Thanks. Much success.

Thank you Hanamana! This was helpful and it seems to clear up how things happened on my own posts.

Help others to help oneself! :)