Mishmosh of Aperture Adventures- Past, Present, Future! From Here to There and Back Again!

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Weekends are SO boring on Steemit!


I haven’t been here all that long, I joined the Steemit community in mid-January. What’s really funny about that, is that it feels like it’s been way longer than just a couple of months!

I’m not sure how or why time has shifted for me, but when I went back to look at my blog to view my earlier stories and posts, I was amazed that the dates were just a few weeks ago! I laugh still, because it just felt like it had been so much farther back!


I am learning as I go here. I am recognizing certain names, certain genres, feeling my way through to try and get the right “like-minded” members in my feed, and weeding out the ones I just cannot deal with for whatever reasons. Seeking new friends and hoping that others have found me interesting enough to follow along with me. It’s all a juggling act, but for an empath it can sometimes be emotional, as well as very draining.


I know I am currently spending far too many hours online. This is something I need to get a grip on, because I truly do have other things that I enjoy doing! But, my living situation sometimes gives me a feeling of being isolated, or trapped, so I tend to fill the void by being on the computer. So, when I circulate through the social media sites and I don’t get the input or responses I need from the outside world, I tend to get somewhat anxious!


From about Friday afternoon until Monday morning, is the worst! There aren’t the usual names I’m used to seeing and the contests are all in a lull. Everyone is probably out there enjoying life, and I’m sitting here alone in my travel trailer trolling the internet! Jeez, how pathetic is that!

I posted last week that I will be leaving my current location at the end of the month, and at this point I am getting really antsy about it. I tend to get anxious about the drive and towing my trailer down the long interstate. I just really want it to be done and over with! If the weather here were dryer, I would already be outside getting some stuff packed into my truck.


But, it’s been cold and wet, and icky! So, I’m holding out and trusting the weather man that it will clear up this week just in time for my 900-mile trek! Also, my anxiety causes me to procrastinate, so in the end I’m running around like a crazy person until the very last second.


Well, I never claimed to be a totally organized and worry-free human being!

I’m going from my isolation and seclusion, surrounded by trees and rivers and geese flying overhead… back to society, with the hustle and the bustle and the cars and the traffic! How could that be better? Well, one thing I have learned while being here, is that it doesn’t matter where your body is, but rather, where your heart is. There will be people where I’m going that will be glad to see me, and that is something I need, especially now.




So, although weekends are really boring on the social media platforms, my head is still working a mile a minute! I am trying to just lower my expectations and do what I enjoy, which for the moment is writing. By this time next week, if everything goes as planned, I will be around familiar people. I will be able to take a shower without running out of hot water. I will be able to move around and not feel confined in a small space, so I can blossom and begin doing all of the things I need to do moving forward! There will be someone to share with, in person, every day!



Yet another chapter is almost ready to begin unfolding for me, and I am ready for the new challenges and successes I will find.

All of the photos in this post were taken by me at one place or another, in my mishmosh of adventures! From Southern California to Central Oregon, I'm grateful to have gotten to see so much already!

My camera phone takes some really great shots but at some point I would like to get involved with my DSLR camera much more and really utilize all of my aperture potential!

Peace everybody!!



Loved your post. I'm an empath too, so totally get what you are talking about. What beautiful photos you have taken. I really got a feel for your journey.

When I am on my own I feel like I'm alone with the universe - so it's still a very fulfilling experience. I perhaps like it too much (part of being an empath - we need our space to process and decompress the energy of others) Your photos give me a lovely feeling of space, I think that's why I am enjoying them so much.

Best wishes for your new adventure.
warm regards,

Thanks Margot @artofchi! I am so glad you enjoyed my post... I have so many other pictures from so many adventures. When I go through them I am reminded of just how fortunate I have been, to be able to have done all the fun stuff I have done!
Your comments are like tiny subtle messages, reminders, nudges from the universe that even when I feel stressed I needn't be, and that there are people out there that "get me" even when sometimes I feel like nobody does... There will be more adventures ahead and I can hardly wait! I will try to share more pictures here and there in future posts.
Take Care.

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