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RE: Mishmosh of Aperture Adventures- Past, Present, Future! From Here to There and Back Again!

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Loved your post. I'm an empath too, so totally get what you are talking about. What beautiful photos you have taken. I really got a feel for your journey.

When I am on my own I feel like I'm alone with the universe - so it's still a very fulfilling experience. I perhaps like it too much (part of being an empath - we need our space to process and decompress the energy of others) Your photos give me a lovely feeling of space, I think that's why I am enjoying them so much.

Best wishes for your new adventure.
warm regards,


Thanks Margot @artofchi! I am so glad you enjoyed my post... I have so many other pictures from so many adventures. When I go through them I am reminded of just how fortunate I have been, to be able to have done all the fun stuff I have done!
Your comments are like tiny subtle messages, reminders, nudges from the universe that even when I feel stressed I needn't be, and that there are people out there that "get me" even when sometimes I feel like nobody does... There will be more adventures ahead and I can hardly wait! I will try to share more pictures here and there in future posts.
Take Care.

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