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RE: If your not already famous dont bother joining Steemit. WTF!!!!!!!!! coming from a steemit mini whale

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Well, use your mini-whale power to vote whoever you like?


I do, I rearward all new content providers to give them incentive and not get discouraged by what they see on the trending page

@juneaugoldbuyer This is good, very good. I too have been doing the same. I have been monitoring the Steemit TRENDS page, then clicking on NEW, to see the new posts that are coming in. And @juneaugoldber has a point, many new articles go without earning 1 Steem Dollar cent. That will discourage many.
I know not everyone can be a Hemingway or Faulkner but even just a small sign of support will keep these new users coming back. BUT NO SUPPORT and you can guarantee that the new users will be quickly discouraged. Therefore it is good what @juneaugoldbuyer is doing to support those that are new. I do the same, as well as try to guide and encourage new STEEMIT users. I also encourage New Users to comment and reply on posts as much as possible because that is where most if not all the rewards will be for new users.
full $teem ahead!