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Enora Malagré has been announced several times back in Touche not to my post on C8. The former columnist set the record straight in an interview on Thursday, October 5th on Europe 1. She took the opportunity to unveil a new project on which she works.

A few months ago, Enora Malagré announced her departure from Touche Pas to My Post. The eponymous chronicler of the C8 show, was one of the first people to join the team, at the time on France 4. After seven years of participation, Enora Malagré decided to leave the ship.She told TVMag: "I am relieved that I no longer have the pressure of a show that was wonderful, but like every day not simple to live." Touch not to my post ", it was a lot of work and as I had a special character, clever, it was not easy every day, and I take off the costume of the television woman, it's nice, it's good. " Asked about Europe 1 this Thursday, October 5, Enora Malagré came back on rumors about her possible return on C8 in Cyril Hanouna's show. " Never. Never. That is, I do not know why it was said, but it never, never was, "she explained.


If Enora Malagré has been contacted to include the cast of The Island, whose filming is scheduled for December in Panama, she said she has not made her decision yet. On the other hand, it has entrusted our colleagues from Europe 1 with a completely different project. "I have a project of fiction, series on television, behind the scenes of television. Who will tell exactly what I saw and what I experienced. I will tell everything, so very funny things and things very cheerful and things a little less cheerful. The atmosphere is going to be sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Enora Malagré will use her experience to inform the public about the unforgiving universe of the small screen.

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