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Clara Morgane has responded to questions from Télé-Loisirs this week in full promotion for the release of her new calendar. In particular, the young woman has lifted the veil on her latest project and is likely to be talked about. Non Stop People tells you everything.

In the interview she gave to Laurent Argelier for Télé-Loisirs, Clara Morgane has definitely said a lot. In particular, the young woman mentioned her quarrel with Matthieu Delormeau and revealed the reasons why the TPMP columnist did not carry her in her heart: "Because once I was asked my opinion about him and I said that 'he did not like women or the authority they could possibly have on him, something that I checked because I worked with him.' Her sulphurous past, Clara Morgane also talked about it and said she would be very open with her daughter about it when she was old enough to understand.


But above all, Clara Morgane told Laurent Argelier about his new project a bit of a rogue! After launching a range of stylish sextoys to her name, the young woman with multiple talents is currently working on the launch of "love stores" in her image, in the four corners of the Hexagon: "I waited a lot. expected to be mature, to have been 36 years old and to feel able to talk about it but in reality I do not go out of the sextoys to get out of sextoys .. It is in a project a little more global that would bring me I'm always trying to keep this line, we walk on a red line between eroticism and vulgarity and it bothers me especially because I hate it ".

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