Steemit where the rich and famous get rich and the poor stay poor. WTF!!!!!!!!

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I'm a Steemit mini whale and I'm concerned about the future of Steemit.
I'm starting to think I made a bad investment.
I don't see the current business model working.
In order for steemit to work it has to be bottom up economy not top down.
We all know trickle down economics does not work.
Calling all stemian if you care about steemit and it's future we need to make some major changes quick.
Once the word gets out that steemit is a joke.
WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!


I am finding some good quality posts on SteemIt. The whales can upvote their power down to 40% and still make an impact.

My personal solution which I started yesterday, is to identify quality content. Watch my feed and my upvoted content on SteemStats using Google Chrome. If a quality post does not get the upvotes I think it should, then I transfer STEEM Based Dollars (SDB) to the user. Now I accumulate SDB's via upvotes on my posts. I do not have that much but I will do what I can for users providing quality content in my opinion.

That's my new strategy. It bypasses the upvoting system and allows you to contribute directly to Steemians who in your opinion are providing quality content. This may not solve the problem, but individually I am doing something.

Meanwhile, lets see if a systematic solution is implemented soon.

Steem on,

sounds good mike. Ive been giving the steem dollars that I've earned to newbies

I talked about this in one of my articles with regard to directly contributing whatever value you wish to exceptional content. While you are implementing basically what I proposed, I suggest there be a quick and easy "one-click" solution to directly contribute to content producers...

A "one-click" solution directly on a person's post would be great. You would still need to authenticate with a password or something.
Good idea!

Steem on,

The last time I brought this up is when a whale was talking about how to distribute his gratitude more without being limited by the voting system.
I brought up the method of contributing directly to the author and I got my first down-vote ever. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.
But that did not stop me from doing it on my own starting last night. Right now, I only have a little over a cent of SBD's. I wait until I have a bit more to reward the author of a quality post.

Steem on,

I f we can increase user activity then I feel steemit will succeed but as we all can see steemit is beginning to fail in this area.

Good luck with your investment! I have thought of investing in this but i have decided otherwise for reasons below:

  1. Content does not appeal to me. Some might be brilliant but mostly are plainly dumb, ridiculous, anti-this and that, not scientific. Nah. Some content are coped and pasted. In some posts, there are just links and comments. If there are more posts like this, it can become a spammy network.
  2. Why should i invest in the system and ask the system to pay the author, when i can just tip the authors directly? The distribution of rewards is the worst in the sense that if i invested and i upvoted, it does not guarantee that my favorite author will be catapulted into stardom because other whales might not agree and proceed to downvote them. I have enough of politics in real-life so dumb whale and dolphin politics is not appealing. Why should i get entangled in this.
  3. the history of developers for sure also something to do with my decision.

That's all. Might not be active for too long.

In order for steemit to work it has to be bottom up economy not top down. We all know trickle down economics does not work.

It can't trickle from the bottom to the top though. New members would have to pay for a subscription or something like that.

Someone has to pay for content creation and right now it's not the bottom players. It's the dilution of the larger players that allows the bottom players to get paid.

1 million new steem each day gets and dumped on the market. I say 1% should be given to new content creators

If I remember the formula correctly, out of the newly mined coins, 90% go to the old owners, some go to witnesses, liquidity rewards (currently frozen), etc etc, and ~3% go to content creators as half sp/half sd. If that's the case, we are already above 1%.

Look at the success of the lottery... or las vegas...

Thats why steemit will always attract masses of minnows, IMO.

dating blog on the block chain genius!!!!! go bro good luck

You know, I was really expecting more content generation than what I see. GIFs, stories, discussions, articles... Honestly, I see more people trying to work in the word "Steemit" more than they try to tell a good story. Kinda disappointed.

There's a lot of great content. It's just getting buried by several whales who want to self-promote and upvote each other and use their bots to upvote sub-par, but trendy content. And they have every right to do so - I just don't think it's effective at drawing quality writers in, promoting them when they get here, and retaining them for future value of the platform. Attrition rates are pretty high, it seems, and voters know the game that needs to be played in order to make just a few cents. Those are not good things.

The winter is coming. You need to find buyers for STEEM and SBD. Quality content is not the only answer.

exactly dude. 100% with you.
changes need to be made

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