My up voting power seems to be taken away. Like Zero Nada Nothing ?!?!?!?

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I'm disappointed I paid a lot for the right to up vote who ever I want. They don't mind letting @wang vote on everything!!!!!!!! Jerks!!!!!!!
Maybe just on my posts Idk maybe I'm just tripping


You only get about 60 votes a day and that is if you space them out. Once you power gets below 85% it is easy to keep draining it. Your down to about 45% right now. Will take days to recover from that.

@fubar-bdhr I thought you would replenish within 24hrs so long as you don't vote during that time? Am I wrong?

I'm not positive of the math behind the recover rate but it seems the lower you get the longer it takes to recover. If I keep my voting above 92% I can get 70 votes in a day. If I drop to 85% it takes nearly a day to recover. Lower and even more time. It doesn't seem to be based on a curve not linear.

Awesome thanks for the info

How much impact do you expect your up vote to have?

Let's check out a recent post I just put up as an educational example:

Then look at the stats on this post by going here:

Put in my username in the upper left and then click on "posts" next to "recent activity." Then you'll see the post tittle and click on the round circle with the horizontal lines in it to get stats on the post.

Then go through and look at all the up votes made on the post and you'll see that the vast majority of the money on this post ($10 when the vote came in), all came from one user @xeldal who has a LOT of SP, 374,190.369 to be exact.

Now, if you click on the post I just sent you, you'll see how much additional value you'll add to the post with your vote. I suspect it will be around $1 or so given the amount of SP you have, but you can see for yourself when you vote.

Now here is the interesting thing, the more people vote on this post who have reasonable SP, the more money that is generate from each vote. So you can generate more revenue for someone on a post when you vote late in the process, but you get less in the way of curation rewards when you do that as well, unless a bunch of whales and dolphins pile on after you and vote up the content even more.

That all make sense? Hope it was helpful!

Time to plug it back for recharging.
Have a beer 🍺

your vote here seems to have given yourself 15 cents... seems like a substantial amount relative to most users

so I must have went over my 70 a day limit

Is design to UPVOTES for accuracy.

I normally UPVOTES & comments to motivate and give incentives to newbies for their contents.

When I UPVOTES anything above 55 rep, my SP seem get better than 0.001, throwing something like upto $10.00 so now I upvote carefully. For people that deserve more.

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