LET'S START A STEEM TEAM!!!!! Im paying $1 to each new team memeber. Help me get this rolling guys GO STEEMTEAM!!!!!!!!

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If we start a SteemTeam we could have as much combine voting power as a Steem Whale!!!!!
Just an idea what do you think?
We vote for who we think the best and worst content providers are.
This an experiment. I'm all about the money and the power. lol
I don't believe its right that us Whales have all the power and all the profit.
There needs to be more of a balance. For the newbies and the dust.
I'd like to see 1% of all new money dumped on to the market each day go to higher sign up giveaways and newbie author rewards.
This would boost the Steemit economy. And more people would sign up faster if they knew they where gonna get $100 bucks for signing up. We all get richer faster.


Let's get on with it. Count me in, @juneaugoldbuyer
I like @jusan's idea

Let's use team as the tag so it is easier to up vote content then just follow the authors you want

#steemteam <<------ tag to use as primary tag for your blog post

Here's my latest post promoting the minnows I follow using the #steemteam tag:

But let us not forget we vote for quality and valuable posts that deserve our upvotes. This experiment should not be used insensibly. This should also promote good content creation. Not just for the sake of earning STEEM. Let's not defeat the purpose of the steemit community, that is, providing quality contents for the members.

Here are my suggestions/qualifications for a good post:

  1. Post must have value for the steemit community. Meme's are for fun. But for a while. Value of the post must extend even after its earning potential has expired (24 hours).
  2. Proper images that complement the post.
  3. At least 300 words. This encourages us to write more.
  4. No plagiarism. Original contents only.
  5. Use tag #steemteam as the "primary" tag.
  6. There may be more. Please add as a reply.

These are only my suggestions.
Let's do this and see what happens!

ok lets do this !!! i Think we are more than just minnows here minnows and mini whales. Lets go with #SteemTeam.com

#SteemTeam.com is good. Let's go!

I dont post much.
I plan on making my steem by curating

So what next? lol
All I know is I need to build my steem power back up.

I dont have time. The most i can offer is small donatons to people and my steem power to upvote

Someone has to moderate this project. To make sure this is not abused. Setup our own private rules much like a sub-community. I think you can be a good moderator @juneaugoldbuyer

I also suggest we lose the .com in our #steemteam tag. there is a website that owns that domain. Also tags on steemit are required to be in lowercase.

I have just created the chatroom "steemteam" in steemit.chat . I have it in private for now until we finalize who are seriously joining this project.

I like it, enough said

We have a Australian group of 25 members so far. Talk laterz atm its time to party!

Awesome! #SteemTeam let's go!

I can up vote everyone that used #steamteam tag as long as it is good content

@Senseiteekay is one of the people i follow. He started the group steemit group for Australia. He is a lot active than me if u want to contact him

If you look at my last post you will see my concern over user activity .

I do have an idea how to help solve this. Have you ever been to a casino and played a slot machine . As long as the slot machine keeps paying out just enough to keep you putting in another coin . You keep playing . I think we need upvote bots that after a user gets a total of say 40 upvotes total of all his posts combined. The upvote bot then upvotes for lets say $5 to $10 and say at 80 upvotes another $5 to $10 . I'm talking a combined total of votes on everything they have posted. Steemit needs to take a lesson from the casinos . I would love everyones opinions on an idea like this .

I think it would be very hard to get something going without a message notification system available. But hell I'm game, what you have in mind.

We can create a chat channel in steemit.chat. that's our notification system.

We have been using a facebook system. We could just post our blogs into the "steemteam" face book group for example, if we like the content we vote for it. No obligation to vote but we take pirioty of viewing our group blogs first.

i like that idea. we use FB to get more audience. in this way, people on FB can get on board and hopefully be "converted" to "steemitism". it's good to be acted on as quickly as possible.

so do we have a facebook group ? if we do i cant find it.

Good idea. I think the guys are debating on the tag name

You have some good ideas. I am not sure how they would be implemented but I have up-voted you just for the fact that I want this discussed. Good post though you could have put in more specifics!

I need an action item. ;-)

Sure, its worth a try till it hurts...

juneaugoldbuyer, I most certainly like your attitude and enthusiasm.


Let's use team as the tag so it is easier to up vote content then just follow the authors you want

Fine, You can let your idea game to be true.

Interesting idea!

did it work for #craigrant?

Great Idea!!I totally agree, like the concept of block-chain is decentralization likewise the power of whales should also be decentralize. Only whales should not be the approver of quality content. Count me in steemteam....

thanks for joining. Go to the chat room and ill give u a buck

I am in !
Please mp me in the steemit.chat, i know someone who could make this experiment go to another level (bots to make us auto-upvote the team etc).
I can also bring the Frenchies

We can definitely need all the help we can get. I saw you in the chat room. Lets talk.

I thought about the idea. the answer of cjclaro makes total sense on WHAT we should promote, but I think we should also factor the experience with #minnowsunite, especially regarding the steemit.chat

#minnowsunite is not a real success because it became just another promotion space.
If we want this STEEMTEAM to work, we have to become an organized swarm of minnows. That requires discipline and rules (sorry guys...).

Here's my proposal to make this union a solid one and to maximize the benefits:

  • follow @cjclaro 's rules
  • limit the number of posts per minnow to be promoted.
  • DEFINE A MINNOW OF THE DAY per day and put it in a shared google calendar.

The last proposal is important: this minnow of the day will and should get all the votes unconditional, and the aim of the community is to make the minnow become a dolphin.
Once done, the dolphin will upvote and will promote the group.

What do you think ?

Using the calendar, we will see the minnow of the day and we will upvote his posts.

Sounds good genius!!!!!

I'm so down for this. Count me in!

I'm totally down. What a great idea! I feel so sad when I see great content and am only able to give it a fraction of a cent and then watch as others fail to see it at all. Thank you for starting this!

Hmmm... can't seem to find steemteam in the chat. Do I need some kind of invite? In the meantime, I'll look for posts with steemteam tag. Excited about this!

I am interested
How do I get in? Do I need special pass?
Strong supporter here. 👍

Just got in. Yay!!

a ton of accounts equaling the same Steem Power as a whale, does not end up equaling the same voting power as that same whale. Concentrated steem power is worth more than spread out steem power.

if we up vote the right content on the steemteam page it could generate a lot of steem power

#steemteam chatroom at steemit.chat. JOIN NOW!

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