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If we start a SteemTeam we could have as much combine voting power as a Steem Whale!!!!!
Just an idea what do you think?
We vote for who we think the best and worst content providers are.
This an experiment. I'm all about the money and the power. lol
I don't believe its right that us Whales have all the power and all the profit.
There needs to be more of a balance. For the newbies and the dust.
I'd like to see 1% of all new money dumped on to the market each day go to higher sign up giveaways and newbie author rewards.
This would boost the Steemit economy. And more people would sign up faster if they knew they where gonna get $100 bucks for signing up. We all get richer faster.


I am reposting my comment from the other post in relation to this one here:

Let's get on with it. Count me in, @juneaugoldbuyer
I like @jusan's idea

Let's use team as the tag so it is easier to up vote content then just follow the authors you want

#steemteam << ------- tag to use for your blog post

Here's my latest post promoting the minnows I follow using #steemteam as my primary tag:

But let us not forget we vote for quality and valuable posts that deserve our upvotes. This experiment should not be used insensibly. This should also promote good content creation. Not just for the sake of earning STEEM. Let's not defeat the purpose of the steemit community, that is, providing quality contents for the members.

Here are my suggestions/qualifications for a good post:

  1. Post must have value for the steemit community. Meme's are for fun. But for a while. Value of the post must extend even after its earning potential has expired (24 hours).
  2. Proper images that complement the post.
  3. At least 300 words. This encourages us to write more.
  4. No plagiarism. Original contents only.
  5. Use tag #steemteam as the "primary" tag.
  6. There may be more. Please add as a reply.

These are only my suggestions.
Let's do this and see what happens!

correction done.
Go #steemteam!

I am the plankton
I will Upvote

Sounds like a good idea. Are you going to creat a tag or will we all just follow the same people?

Im not sure we have to figure it out as we go

Theirs another dude on my feed that keeps talking about that. How would you organize it?

Im not sure can you do it for me. lol. I have a considerable amount of steem power to bring to the table. And who is this guy?

He's nice but he has less than me. I think he's only been around a few days. I've only been here a little over a week myself.

I'm still a "minnow," so I'll throw my hat into the ring as a "newbie author" that you could vote for.

But I'm curious to know what this team will look like. How will you organize? Through the Steemit chat?

How would steemit chat work?

The website - you can create a chat group and invite your "team" to it.


I'm not sure how to bring it all together but I have a considerable amount of steem power

if I help you get that power are you going to use it to donate to me? O.o

Yes I would up vote your comments but my up voting power seems to be taken away. Im disappointed I paid a lot for the right to up vote who ever I want. They don't mind letting @wang vote on everything

I just checked your voting power and it's under 41%. You're voting too much. Let it recharge for a day or so.

Yes but I should a some a little. They changed some thing I think

I don't think anything was changed. You gave yourself $0.15 just for posting. Let it recharge for a couple of days and you should be back up over 80-90%.

vote on my stuff when u get the power back!

sure ok no problem

I personally would like to see Trevorjenglish recognized as he puts in a lot of effort and as a engineer always has some crazy new article hitting new ideas or technologies. I'll be keeping tabs on this to see if anything develops but i am curios as the others said on how you plan on getting this idea off of the ground?

Maybe for now the best way we can combine our power for now is to start a tag I don't know. Does any body have any suggestions better than that?

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