As a steemit mini whale I can easily game the curation reward sytem. NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

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Steemit mini whale juneaugolgbuyer calling all Steemians. I can game the reward system easily NOT FAIR!!!!
Not only do we whales earn all the interest but we earn all the curation rewards.
This is not fair to anyone.
Something need to be done about this ASAP!!!!!!
Definitely starting to wonder if I made a poor investment decision.


Hello dearest follow steemian, so what is the problem ?
Steemit is a brand new revolutionary way of trying to reward Social Media commentary. It is about 3 or 4 months old; most human baby's can maybe hold their heads up or roll over at such a baby age...
So there is a lot of learning to be done; one thing that happens is every time a whale drops a huge vote on someone the distribution of SP changes, that means someone gets a nice little reward. That means their voting power, rewards and reputation all increase...
Over time steem bleeds off everyone's accounts and is renewed by the miners who create new steem for the rewards pool. This means people need to remain active otherwise their value in steem will decline in comparison to other steemians...
I am trying to find my own little writing niche in the steemuniverse to develop a name myself as I learn how to become a better Author. Sure I am not without complaint about steemland but steemland has paid me far more money than any other website I have ever visited :)
So please try and be more upbeat about a brand new baby and develop a plan on how to become a better steemian for the rest of the steemit membership, try and find some topics you like and have fun...

By working together we will all make steem shares more profitable for all stakeholders; over time how can that be a bad thing.

/ hugz ;)

juneaugoldbuyer is the steemteem still a go I have been posting there

I've been saying it a couple of places for a few weeks now, and I'm believing it more and more as time goes on: being able to generate a feed based on category/tag is the most important piece needed to make this work. I haven't spent much time on Steemit over the last week, be it posting or browsing, because I feel exposure is severely lacking. It's not easy for me to find posts I'm interested in and I know that means it's difficult for anyone who would vote for my posts to find them.

One way to fix the imbalance would be for people with larger holdings to give them away, but I don't feel that's the right answer. I believe people would see much better results on their posts if content discovery was a better process.

Everyone has knowledge, skills and attitude about something. All you need to consider is this simple formula, do you like sharing your opinions in a creative way; such as writing ? Do you feel the topics you know interest you and you could make them interesting to others in a fun way? And; finally, lastly do you want to spend your spare time trying to impart your experience to others???
My advice, I wrote a blog Authoring today about how to find your place in the steemuniverse. But only you can decide if steemland is somewhere you wish to live. The money is there over time i will earn about 0.001 % of it just like that same amount of my Real Life percentage of gold I earn out in the real world...

:) hugz ;)

Wealth or points here shoud be spread more evenly. Abusing the system is becoming an easy thing even for minions)

I think every day the system will play out to be more effective. Simply some people will move up or not via the reputation chain, as people stagnate they will either drop off steemit or not progress as fast as others so their voting powers will not have such a huge impact.
Over time more steemians will increase their steem power and this issue of huge swings will become less and less; just like real life there is that 1% of the mega rich and the 5% of the super rich that cause huge imbalances within any social structure.
In our steemuniverse every vote you cast changes that imbalance slowly and for the better; sure it will not get rid of the super influential but it will start to even out the voting by your little humble average steemian like me...
Steemland is good so be happy and positive and have fun :)

C U on the B C (BlockChain)

/ hugz ;)

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Thank you for this post. It is something that I was already aware of and appreciate the honesty from someone in your position.
With that being said while it is not "fair" life isn't fair.....In life there will always be people with "more power".
I do feel there is much that can be improved for the over all community success yet at the same time feel like this platform is REVOLUTIONARY and has great potential to be beneficial to MANY.
I hope that the input of mini whales as you call your self as well as the input of minnows such as my self and many others is taken into consideration and that the over all platform is improved over time to be truly beneficial to the whole.
I will be following you for sure and hope to provide valuable content that you will appreciate and also help improve this community as a whole!

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