I think every day the system will play out to be more effective. Simply some people will move up or not via the reputation chain, as people stagnate they will either drop off steemit or not progress as fast as others so their voting powers will not have such a huge impact.
Over time more steemians will increase their steem power and this issue of huge swings will become less and less; just like real life there is that 1% of the mega rich and the 5% of the super rich that cause huge imbalances within any social structure.
In our steemuniverse every vote you cast changes that imbalance slowly and for the better; sure it will not get rid of the super influential but it will start to even out the voting by your little humble average steemian like me...
Steemland is good so be happy and positive and have fun :)

C U on the B C (BlockChain)

/ hugz ;)

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