Hope for Net Neutrality : A law that cancels the decision to end the neutrality of the net was passed by the Senate

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US Senate votes for reinstatement of net neutrality

The US Senate voted in favor of the reinstatement of the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules, a startling decision that could lead to the overthrow of one of the Trump administration's most controversial policies involving the US technology industry .

The US Senate decided to annul this decision on May 17, 2018, by validating a text allowing to limit the power of the federal agencies in case of disagreement with the Congress. The victory with 52 votes against 47 can still be rejected in Congress in the coming weeks. It is unlikely that this text canceling the end of net neutrality passes in the face of Congress. Especially since President Donald Trump has the right to return the final bill to both Houses of Parliament if he so wishes. In this hypothesis, it will not be enough for a simple majority, but it will be necessary that two thirds of each room respectively, the Senate and the House of representatives oppose it so that the neutrality of the Net survives.

In the United States, the weight of access providers makes them powerful economic counter-powers. The FCC measure was supposed to end a decision taken in 2015 to recognize the Internet as a public good. Concretely, broadband networks had then acquired the status of public infrastructures instead of information providers. The neutrality of the net was thus to protect more users and ensuring universal coverage of the Internet connection, they are located in an area well served by broadband infrastructure or not. In fact, the problem is not a simple semantic nuance: it is the possibility for access distributors to introduce tolls if Internet users want to access certain consumer services in bandwidth typically, online videos, for example through platforms like Netflix or YouTube.

Maybe net neutrality is just something you hear on the news and see in the headlines. Maybe it's something you do not want to bother to understand. It all boils down to this : Freedom

Protecting net neutrality is an important issue of freedom ..


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