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I've never done a new year's resolution before. I've never made public commitments either. Today I am going to put both to a test.

I have spent a wonderful afternoon walk thinking about what challenges do I want to tackle in 2017. Here is the list:


  • improve communication skills
  • travel to 3 foreign countries for the first time


  • re-create a habit of working out every day
  • read 80 non-fiction books (skimming/gold-digging, and cover-to-cover listens count as 1, and deep study/analysis of an already read title counts as +1 as well)
  • Learn Clojure (and practice problem solving skills) OR learn chess and reach ELO of X OR learn the Russian language

I'm a bit concerned about the last bullet point, as it has 3 options. I will need to make up my mind and commit to one path soon.

The dip is the enemy of success. When things get tough, and initial motivation runs out...
This year I would like to try one more thing.

I would like to find a partner for this journey - someone whom shares one or more of the challenges.

We are more likely to succeed together, as we keep each other accountable, as well as constantly challenge ourselves.

If YOU are that person, let me know in the comments.

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lately I started participate in toast masters meetings in my city. I am not sure, whether you mean this kind of communication like public speaking, but even after just one meeting I learnt a lot about how other people reads body language.

And because 80% of communication is not verbal, in most cases those kinds of details are very important too.

Lately I also started wondering about people which works as copy-writer. Nowadays those kinds of skills can be very helpful.


Communication skills is very broad term. A more specific sub-goal for me is to learn how to listen. To create and hone the ability to see things from other persons perspective and understand their position. That includes both verbal, nonverbal and reading-between-the-lines comprehension.

Another ability that goes hand in hand with the first is asking good questions.


Wow, that's great! I like the image you have posted, is it from book?
Good luck with resolutions, let's try first 3 :)

Happy New Year, brother!


I found it while googling for image for the post. It does however complement with a book I've read recently, The dip by Seth Godin.

3 is a bit much to tackle at once, which one is the most important to you?


Oh Seth Godin used to be my daily read, but eventually couldn't catch up :) he writes too often...
Will check out book though, thanks!

Let's try 1st one then :)


What was your favorite book from him?


I don't remember which of his books I have read...he has a blog that he posts at least one post per day and i was subscriber few years back :)

Happy New Year @furion.

I can play chess with you any time you want @furion. You should really learn this game. It will be easier to achieve other goals as chess brings a valuable mindset and perspective of life. (I saw you want to start to listen, so it might help as well, because you will learn to see that other person's moves matters just as same as yours).
I am also thinking about oratory courses in 2017, but will have to check if I can afford something like that when I am back home.
Happy New Years!


if you are interested i can continue with chess tournaments :) Lichess allows to analyse games and it is more interesting to learn chess while competition:) I play chess almost everyday. My elo is about 1700 and I play on and on


I also can help with russian if you help me to improove my english :)

Those sound like some good goals for a year @furion. I hope you will consider writing periodically about your progress toward keeping this goal. Might aid you in staying on track. Happy New Year and I wish you a great 2017.

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Nice write-up... question though is the release of SteemQ any closer, WatchMyBit just went into hibernation?

I am IN! Learning to Code and i think i reached the DIP ;D