Ladies & Gentlemen - The Witnesses has reached CONSENSUS!

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Witnesses run the STEEM-Network, and we have just reached CONSENSUS on Fork 18 which is a change to Fork 17 where the parts we could not agree upon has been removed. Within the next 24 hours, STEEMIT and other STEEM-POWERED Platform will get some serious changes and I think you will love them!

The Situation RIGHT NOW:


(Fork 18 shows up as Fork 17 for some weird reason)

Wanna talk more about HF18? Join me and other ACTIVE Steemians at


Do I get emoticons lol? Is there a 'markdown code' emoticon reference sheet I can access? :D

oh, those are not subject to consensus. Wait for the front-end team to do something in that department :)
Consensus is more about changes in economy-related issues on protocol-level. It is politics in the technocracy ;)

According to this post and the markdown tutorial, it should be possible, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Add a Semicolon at the End '' ; " should work for you! 😉 or even better just copy & paste the Icon @robyneggs & @jacobtothe

Thank you for sharing, good information
Always Resteem :)

Your welcome. Awesome that you resteem. More people should be like you ;)

Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to updates. Even more so looking forward to understanding the inertia-esque possibilities.

Ur welcome @jacobts, keeping my followers up to date :)

I'm excited to see how work the new hardfork! Thanks for the info ^_^

me too :) Gonna be great to have "endless" comment-threads instead of this 6 comments limit per thread. Also, lifting the 4 Posts per day to "endless" posts per day will be great :)

I'm a "comments addict", so the new nesting limit is really great for me ;)

totally. I am looking forward to great debates with this very important change!

That is what sounds very appealing!!! Well done!

Yeah..we will see what happen next. Nice ! :)

So @fyrstikken, do we buy more STEEM before or after the fork. Any investment advice?

Or is buying STEEM always a good thing?

What else is there to buy but STEEM? :D

This ^^ :)
I'm buying all the time going forward haha...

Very good information sir @fyrstikken happy that things have a good order and I look forward to new changes

Thank you :) It was good we had the survey. It helped speed things up a lot!

SUPER Excited here!

I'm expecting a mess, at the start :D

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