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RE: Brand New!! THE SHITCOIN SONG PART II (SoundCloud + Lyrics)

I literally began to sing "Let us go" really loud, its truly a feeling right now.

But You da man :D


In a few days I will mega upvote all good comments! Thank you for yours. This is not a real upvote, you gonna get a REAL upvote!

YAY, I can't Wait for the MEGAAAA vote :) thanks

nice song I like the song

Thank you for keeping your word, this will help me a lot !!

You are welcome

Nice, thanks a lot for the great upvote! Maybe one day I will be able to return it! I have been working on music here the last few days too - I have produced, composed, performed and engineered for many years.. I'm not sure if shitcoin song part III can be turned into a dance music anthem, but let me know if that is exciting.. it can happen. lol

looking for that megavote !

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