Brand New!! THE SHITCOIN SONG PART II (SoundCloud + Lyrics)

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The coins look red in the valley tonight
not a living soul to see
A Monarchy of traders
and they All look dead to me
Then Windows freezes up again, as I just had clicked refresh,
Can not keep this song inside so I do what I do best.

Dont let them win dont let them see
Buy the BOTTOM, shut up, and be free
Exchange/Exchange, Bring it on!
Course here we come!

Let us GO, Let us GO!
Fill the bags down below
Let us GO, Let us GO!
These Merkle Trees will GROW
I dont care what the Losers say
Let the bulls ride ON!
The Moon Never Bothered me anyway!

Its funny how the price before all look pretty small
And the fears of missing out cant get to me at all
Its time to see what I can do
Set some targets up there and break through
a little down a little up,

Let us GO, Let us GO!
Cannt hold us back anymore
Let us GO, Let us GO!
These shitcoin bags will grow!
I dont care what Outsiders say
Let them buy the TOP!

My SteemPower flurries throug 5000s of acccounts
My Soul is spiraling from EOS fractals all around
And one thought crystalizes like an icy mask!
Im never going back, we are setting all time highs!

Let us go, let us go!
And we will rise like Steem Monsters Cards
Let us go, let us go
That Steempower is too low!
Here we stand and it is time to buy!
Let the bull ride come!
Buying Cheap never bothered me anyway!

Please give me as much feedback below as you can!

Sincerely, @fyrstikken (Me, Content Creator and Steem Investor), @fyrst-witness (Need more votes right now), @booster (will be up again in 4 days) and @speedvoter (Need a new strategy). I will release a music video later, and If you like this song, make me know it in comments. I did the best I could to entertain you all, I hope I nailed it!


Here is THE SHITCOIN SONG PART I if you are a new fan!

Thank you! (Bowing to the audience, leaving the stage)


I literally began to sing "Let us go" really loud, its truly a feeling right now.

But You da man :D

In a few days I will mega upvote all good comments! Thank you for yours. This is not a real upvote, you gonna get a REAL upvote!

YAY, I can't Wait for the MEGAAAA vote :) thanks

nice song I like the song

Thank you for keeping your word, this will help me a lot !!

You are welcome

Nice, thanks a lot for the great upvote! Maybe one day I will be able to return it! I have been working on music here the last few days too - I have produced, composed, performed and engineered for many years.. I'm not sure if shitcoin song part III can be turned into a dance music anthem, but let me know if that is exciting.. it can happen. lol

looking for that megavote !

"Buy the BOTTOM, shut up, and be free " "These shitcoin bags will grow!"
My favourite parts :D cheers man, had me laughing on an otherwise gloomy day.

I am so glad it hit a home run with you!! Let us see if we can hit it! :)

This is by far your best contribution to this blockchain. I could feel the passion of your creation through your voice the whole song. Congrats on this amazing cover

I sense teasing in this comment , don't you know what happens to altcoinmarkets when the first song released ?

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.54.03 PM.png

I fucking Love this!

good work bro

People around the globe have been waiting with antici...
pation for the second installment of the Shit Coin Saga and we are not disappointed!

Yes, Battleaxe. I made this song after years of requests. Finally, it was time.

Wow - so many emotions - the shitcoin operatic society has excelled itself! I think fyrstrikken will have to play the role of fyrstrikken on stage when this hits broadway.
haha :)

Waoooo great poetry @fyrstikken you really describe the current scenario of market and the hearty feelings of everybody in beautiful and entertaining way. I appreciate your this lovely song with your effort. Stay Blessed. You also give a guideline and a message to everyone.

Buy the BOTTOM, shut up, and be free.

Thank you @rabeel. I am getting closer to the amount of songs I need to perform concerts, and I have a feeling the demand for "The Shitcoin Singer" will only go up :)

Hey, book the dates 9-13th of October for a STEEM Americas fest in Lima, Peru. I will go there. hosted by @steemcafe and @instructor and myself, just fly in and airbnb and let us know you are coming, and you will have a super time with us!

It is not fully announced yet, but it is guaranteed going to happen.

Lovely offer and nice to see you for that. And thanks for invitation.

This is hilarious! LOL :-)

Of course !!! "And we will rise like Steem Monsters Cards"

Brilliant fryst

Dope song!!!! You had me cracking up!!!!! I might have to go in the lab and remix this one!!!!! You have something here Fyrst!!!!

O my witness, you always give refreshments for us. I will always follow your instructions. buy better now. thanks for sharing sir

You know, I always thought you were a growly Viking man who was a witness who spoke his mind. Heard you on a witness chat ages ago. Appreciated the directness. I did not know you could sing! 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, you’re a genius. This is the best way to deliver financial advice, so I hope to hear more. I’m like seriously considering investing in crypto...this might be what pushes me over that line.

Let me go! Let me go!

What did I just listen :D So bad that it has become so good!

Shitcoins... classic!

Oh yeah!

hahahha tooo goood

wow awesome lyrics... nice music...

I did not make the music, only the lyrics and performance and putting it together. I stole the music fair and square from Disney like I did the last time... from the same movie also ;)

The moon never bothered me anyway! Lol hilarious @fyrstikken

We will see brand new moons that we have never been on before. Come to @steemspeak and hang more and more with us. We going to have some serious great parties in Americas from now on. Step things up a bit.

Awesome can't wait!

Motivate Fyrstikken :D nice job!

Just a big smile, ... let us go, let us goooooooooooooo!!!

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

I can’t week a whole week for new posts. Keep en coming babe ❤️
You seriously fucking Rock

hahahahahahaha you make me cry hahahahahaha the beard and the frozzen song whit the bitcoins, nice work my friend, its almoust at the bottom becouse is heavy hahahahahahaha

Well..shit coins made you 680 usd...not bad.i love shit coins!

Things that make me smile.

You are very brave sir. Thanks for the entertainment.

Very great dear brother best of luck

Only problem with this song is it's too good!
I absolutely Like this!

Hell yes but instead of shooting ice out of your hands you could shoot steam and bitcoin. Making it rain in a totally different aspect!!!

You really nailed it @fyrstikken, thanks for bringing some happyness to this incredible bad day for all cryptocurrencies! Im really shocked about this huge price drop, but your song made me smile again today. 😊👍 Keep up this nice motivating work and Steem On! 👏👏👏

What would be really cool is if we had a competition to write crypto themed lyrics to other popular songs! I love stupid shit like this, its just pure fun . Great song , now we all should give it a go :-)

You have any tips for someone that is starting out on steemit? much appreciated

Wow !
Let us GO~!
Great Fantastic Amazing ShitCoin Song :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

This is a beautiful rendition of this song. I closed my eyes and pictured you pulling out your hair ties and your beautiful locks of hair fell down and shitcoins rained from the sky almost smothering the town below.

this song amazing for me.
this song inspire me.....

LOL... the lyrics are AMAZING... but I confess.... you are ... less

....ATTRACTIVE.... than a GIRL! LOL

PS: Why is the sound a bit weird...? I have listened to some of your other sounds... and look much better than these ones... any upgrades?

And I agree with most of the media... your RAPS! ROCK!!!

OMG @fyrstikken............!
I chose this is most likely one of my most loved records on for reasons. It clarifies what really makes a child that great. Anyway, a case for a Unique Element, incorporates, Hells Bells

Nice comic relief. Anything to say sane during the blood bath!

This is classic fyrstikken at his best. Entertainment with a message. My ninja!!

Really ! Those words are so true..

Awesome you are a really talented "spoofer of songs" @fyrstikken! 😊


@fyrstikken listened to your song and casted my proxy vote to @fyrst-witness. You have been a great support when it comes to upvoting through booster.

I hope it has been mostly profitable with all those that frontrun him. I will use Booster on this post in 4 days btw.

The voice of a true viking ! really powerfull !

giphy (4).gif

Esta bueno el vide JAJAJAJA

Humor is the medicine of the patient. Keep it up as we will all be the ones singing for joy as the world turns to an alternative means on investing and spending.

Awesome. Like a rockstar. I love it. Keep it up bro. I wish you achieve more and more.

Hey Fyrst! You nailed it!
This song made my day! 😂 😂 😂
I first thought that the song will be a shit song made in 5 minutes but it sounds really good! Specially the LET US GO (frozen part)

That's the best sentence man!

Cheers! :)

These lines are funny:

And we will rise like Steem Monsters Cards
Let us go, let us go
That Steempower is too low!

In the last month the price of Steem Monsters has doubled(Starter decks are now advertised at $10 USD)... and the price of Steem has decreased by 25%.

When is the animated version coming?

A Genius!!!

Haha thanks for the laughter man :) great job!

the 2 songs are great bro nice work hahaha

Okay let me start by saying I've only ever heard the @MrViquez version of the shit coins song, which is amazing. It did not however prepare me to cry laughing at the different but equally amazing original.

I can't. Epic.

Hoooo...shitcoin is like to Bitcoin that's good..

very good posts. keep on being big sir

It's freaking awesome the lyrics is splendid and the background music too keep making this kind of shitty song.
Well done bro

Song is fucking magical!

You got a 93.33% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @fyrst-witness!

what the funny liriks

Great job

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lol I had never seen your SHITCOIN SONG PART I video before.
Thanks for the smile....much needed.

OMG Fyrstikken is back with a vengeance! LOL this was hilarious

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The way you telling the words is very clearly & it is totally understandable .the way you are singing it's outstandable man.👏👏👏👏👍👍

I love music

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Haha that's awesome @fyrstikken ! And Go Steem Monsters! also voting you as @fyrst-witness 😎😊👍🎶🎵🎼🎹

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inspration song for me ....thank you sir singing very well..

very apropriate

Really cool song! keep it up! 😁😁

Amazing Post I Like it

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 92.88% upvote!
I was summoned by @fyrst-witness. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

A portion of the proceeds from your bid was used in support of youarehope and tarc.

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You've got a wonderful voice... Nice song man

Yes!!! Love this! We will rise like Steem Monster cards!! Time to buy!
IMG_2712 (814px, 23.976fps).gif

Man you got some huge balls, and the song came out great, I had a good laugh as well so its all good baby!

Hope to see more of this kind of posts from you fyrs!

Man you got some huge balls, and the song came out great, I had a good laugh as well so its all good baby!

Hope to see more of this type of posts from you fyrs!

Wow the music added the charm to it shitcoins rocking even in this bloodbath all thanks goes to your creativity loved it :D hehehe

Now this something that we need here! This place needs more similar stuff to make it more entertaining / interesting like other social networks! It was very funny bro really liked it :D

excelente brother

This is actually beautiful in it's own way.

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Excellent! Keep up the good work!

haha funny!

never bothered me anyway!


Shitcoin!!! Lol

¿me encanto me gusto mucho, a mi me encanta cantar, no he subido mi primer video cantando, ya que soy nuevo pero pronto lo hare? ¡bendicones para ti!

I'm in Love;
Love in your song :

Amazing !

This was damn hilarious. Job well done man.

Nice compose

Yea the market sucks ... but you know ... also 6 planets are in retrograde .. at this point, cosmos perhaps are slowing progress down in all fronts. Once they go direct, cryptos should pick up ... at least in the energetic front. Could go on and on in the technical aspects, but why at this point LOL

like the new look. kinda look like a biker version of dan harmon

This just totally made my day!! I am singing right along with you, no holds barred, swept away by the passion! LOVE

You made me happy for a few minutes of listening to your crypto song @fyrstikken and for a while I am able to forget about how is my bag of cryptos with its 2/3 cut in price. I love you.

Haha yes! This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for making my day

Funking love this.

realy very nice song and lyrics is so good i will looking forward for your next song

oh great. you got in my head.

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