The biggest social network ever! No, it's neither facebook nor steemit.

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People want to get in touch with other people. They want to socialize, to make new friends, to interact, to share, to take care of other people, to love and be loved. In order to achieve those purposes, human beings have always chosen to belong to communities. Nowadays, the internet is offering new structures of social networks, bigger and larger than ever before with much more opportunities and potentials.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Steemit are all online social networks who have (together) billions of members from all around the world. If you read this message you are likely to have or had a profile on at least one social network website.


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But there is an even bigger network; a much more profound network that you check upon at least once a day. It contains at least eight billion people (and counting), no one can avoid not being a part of it, but most humans have no idea how to consciously use it.

I am talking about the network of your dreams, our dreams, everybody's dreams.

Think about it - is it reasonable that during most of our waking hours (and soon all the time) we are connected through technology to our networks but at some point, during the day we simply lay down and close our systems? Detach from all our friends and loved ones? Do you find this to be logical in the world we live in today? Of course not.

Even when we dream we remain connected with other people. In fact, "there", in the dream dimension, we are even closer to other people than any email or instant message can do. In the dream social network, we are connected through our energetic bodies. Messages go through the system to the other person instantly without using any machinery like mouths, ears, keyboards, and telephones. We are linked to people who share the same feelings, the same beliefs, and perspectives, the same fields of interest. Could you possibly think of a better network to belong to?

This is the future of humanity for the 21st century and beyond. We will learn to tap into our dreams and become aware and conscious within them. Dreams will no longer remain the trash bin of our busy minds but will receive a full recognition of their immense value.

Right now you can claim your membership in the dream social network. You don't need to have a special gadget or a computer to get connected; you don't need to pay a fee; you simply need to choose. When you sign in you will be one of the firsts, a pioneer.

See you there.


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Tanks for the post: it simply tell the truth.

Resteemed with love: a big hug from @amico! 🤗

In my opinion.
Humans are social animals which humans need other people to be able to survive apart from clothing, food and humans need other humans to interact with each other. In terms of the daily life of human beings as social animals in need of a friend. for that every human being will find as many friends (socializing) to support all activities of everyday or to achieve goals you wish to accomplish in this life. However in this context sometimes humans are not selective in choosing friends (socializing), they're just looking for friends as many just to get together and have fun without thinking of effectiveness and efficiency in getting along ( socializing) itself. In modern times like the present human beings choose friends who can help him become a better human being for the future and help him in terms of relationships to achieve a vision and mission that is inside the man himself when social networking really connected and form a human chain.

Thanks for this my Teacher @nomad-magus


Indded. Good point👍
... and in the dreams, we attract the kind of people that match our energetic pattern. That allows us a closer look on who we are at that specific moment.

I am learning and learning more each day from you @nomad-magus. The dream world is a happy place to be in. The experience is simply amazing and the happiness and joy always transcends in the wake-up state which gives joy to the inner-self. After you taught me how I can be more connected in my dream state the experiences are really awesome. Amazing indeed, you can definitely count me in as a member may be one of these days I will see you in the dream social network! ♥☺



Basically, we are all connected because there are hopes, and maybe there will come a time when social networks actually connect and form the largest human networks. We never know the future, right?

But still, we need not just a network that can connect many people, but a network that can bring many people to a better life, not just dreaming and hoping together.

Thanks for sharing your interesting topics @nomad-magus


But still, we need not just a network that can connect many people, but a network that can bring many people to a better life, not just dreaming and hoping together.

Will you invent one?🙂

Even animals are part of this social network.


yourself of course😎

"The Dream social network." Its a Very incredible network. Very Natural. Through dreams we can indeed have limitless connection and interactions.

The current technologies have a problem of obstructing us from the reality. Through simply dreaming i can be any way in the world at any time. "This is my desire"

Its high time we humans get to tap into the supernatural by getting connected and utilise the God given dream network.

Thanks @nomad-magus for provoking some thoughts from me in this line.

Absolutely! I love the dynamic of your writeup. Dream is way bigger than any social media.

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I will wait for this most popular social network.

That's really fun to think about, how we can commune with others in the dream plane.