Let's Talk about... Liquidity Network

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Liquidity Network It's a simple and transparent private network. Based on Ethereum Blockchain designed to support thousands of users and achieve complete adoption.

The Liquidity Network its operation in its two main components that are important for its development: The Liquidity Hub NO-CUST and The Revive.


Liquidity Exchange is one of the initial applications of this technology

The Liquidity Network bases its benefit on the centralized computational power and the genuinely decentralized nature of the blockchain, in order to create a centralized speed exchange with the security of a decentralized one.
The Liquidity Network
Exchange does not retain the funds, made the exchanges out of the chain making it more secure.

The network allows non-custodial exchange without being associated costs, the number of transactions per minute depends on the bandwidth of the internet.


REVIVE It's a big part of the functioning of the Liquidity Network. The algorithm allows to reserve payments out of the chain.

Given the equilibrium that it establishes, the congestion of the disystem does not increase and therefore it is feasible and of low cost

The transaction outside the chain can be separated into two main categories.

  • Bipartite: They are between two Users and LasTransacción
  • N-party between more than two users.

Liquidity and interface network applications

Liquidity network offers a friendly and easy to use interface for all its users. It is easy to use this platform.


The application is available for the most widely used operating systems worldwide. Android and iOs. Really attractive for the user, it offers ease and a lot of security. Without complexity, much less shortcuts to get to the function. Fast and easy.


Airprops Function

With the airprops Functions you can perform millions of operations at the moment. Liquidity users can make multiple drops to several users by decreasing costs while focusing exclusively on a defined market.

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