Please learn How to live on earth ?

in neture •  8 months ago

Hello Good Morning
Steemers Todays My blog Topic :-How To Live On Earth We Know How to Sweem And Float In water (Lake/River/ocean)images(23).jpg
Like A Fish,
We knows
How To Flywingsuit.jpg In The Sky Like A Birds But We Forget..
The Our Real Quality Who We Are...
What We Doing..
Why We Are Doing This ??

Please my humble reqvest

we have very amazing and buetieful ......

mountain And many more things we got in Free Thats Why We Dont Value But If We Dont Aware Now Then Our Next
Generation ...

What will show?


Now I Thought One Example For You I Hope It will Help To Understand My Words Easily We Ever seen "Dinosaurs"?1530561594067.jpg

That not means we not able to Show...
Tiger and Lioan to our next Genration.

So Pls We Are human so live like humans dont Behave like Animals..
THANKS ...FB_IMG_1534734567080.jpg

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nice article


Thanks for push me up with ur comment..

Motivation Post.. Good work


i am glad you like my post thanks men... 🤗

Nice brother

Very nice article with a great message
All the best my friend


Thanks you mah friend for make Amazing feed back for my blog


you are welcome brother :-)

Good think bro

gud i like you blog bro keep it up


Wow thanks friend for give positive reply on my post

wow bro. really good artical nice work your pics are amazing.

Nice Post 🙂 very different from what we usually see. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us

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