Whoops, something went wrong - Netflix Error message

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I just wanted to watch a movie on Netflix, but as I started it, I got an error message saying: "Whoops, something went wrong." What went wrong? The error message continues telling me that there is a streaming error. What's wrong?

After first telling me, Whoops, something went wrong, Netflix goes on telling me there is a streaming error, and then makes it more specific by claiming that I seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Now, that might be true, but who cares? I use a VPN to stay safe and encrypted online, but does that means I have to jeopardize my security to watch Netflix? That sounds crazy, doesn't it? If the only way to watch a football match is by leaving your wallet by the entrance, I would rather skip the match. If I have to jeopardize my security to stream Netflix, I'd rather skip Netflix!

So, what to do about the whoops, something went wrong message on Netflix?

If you get this error combined with a message about you using an unblocker or proxy service (and you use a VPN, unblocker or proxy service), this is what you need to do!

  1. You need to use a VPN that works with Netflix, that is, you can surf safely and still watch Netflix.
  2. You need to forget about Netflix and go play ball instead.

I guess the first option sounds better than the second (even though few things are better than playing football). So, which VPN can you use that will let you stream at ease without compromising your safety?

A VPN that will work with Netflix

Which VPN should you use to stream Netflix without unblocker and proxy error message? It is really easy, and there are two VPN providers that I can warmly recommend for this purpose.


This is a Panama based VPN provider with servers in lots of nations worldwide. They operate with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can use one subscription at six devices at the same time. They work very well with Netflix, especially on Windows and Mac computers, but you can also use it on iOS and Android systems. You can currently access 6-7 different Netflix regions with NordVPN, including American Netlix.


ExpressVPN is a faster and way more expensive option than NordVPN, but they give access to a couple of more Netflix regions than NordVPN. Is it worth the price difference? I would normally say no, but that is entirely up to you! With ExpressVPN you can enjoy the chance to use one subscription at five devices at the same time, you are protected by their 30-day full-refund policy, and they have an excellent live support available at their website.

If you use the ExpressVPN or the NordVPN links above, you will also be entitled for special discounts, including three months of free usage if you purchase the 12-months package from ExpressVPN.

Whoops, Netflix is working again

I hope you don't have to suffer from the "Whoops, something is wrong" message on Netflix again. If you have followed these instructions, you should be safe and able to easily stand clear of such errors.

Should you need further help, write a comment and I will do my best to help. If you cannot register here at Steemit, then you can also head over to http://netflix.fromabroad.org/ and ask your question there!

Thank you for dropping by, and enjoy streaming Netflix content wherever you might be in the world!

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