A VPN in the USA that will work with American Netflix

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Thomas is lying in bed in a hotel room in San Francisco and wants to watch Netflix. He feels like relaxing and want to watch the Ozark on Netflix. Thomas is having lots of confidential content on his computer, and he doesn't want to jeopardize these data, and therefore, he always uses a VPN when surfing on open WiFi networks like the one he is using in the hotel right now.

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Thomas is looking for a VPN that will work with American Netflix

But, there is a slight problem... Thomas cannot watch Netflix. When he starts the episode of Ozark he is interested in, he gets a proxy and unblocker error. In other words, Netflix doesn't let him watch the content available, simply because he is using a VPN to protect himself online. That feels crappy, and Thomas is angry. There might be people using VPNs for bad stuff, but he only wanted to stay secure online while using the public WiFi network in his hotel.

Are there VPN providers that actually work with American Netflix?

Thomas really wants to watch Netflix, but he doesn't want to risk the chance of people getting hold of his passwords, login credentials, personal documents and photos, and other stuff on his computer. So, if he cannot find a VPN that works with Netflix, he will rather skip watching Netflix.

He surfs around, and he has read quite a lot of places about a VPN provider named ExpressVPN, which is supposed to work with American Netflix, and it has for the last couple of years. The price to sign up is 13 USD for a month, but if that is the price Thomas has to pay for staying encrypted and safe online, he will do so. And since he is out traveling a lot, he goes for their one year package instead, which by far gives him the best value for his money.

After signing up, Thomas downloads the ExpressVPN application to his computer and connects to a server in the USA. Once he is connected, he visits Netflix.com. He finds the most recent episode of The Crown, and it works properly, just like it should.

Now Thomas can lean back in his back and watch Ozark. And it feels especially good, knowing that his online activity is encrypted, and he can stream Netflix in his hotel room without fearing that hackers and other people with bad intentions online will hack his computer!

Thomas decides to use ExpressVPN for even more stuff!

Thomas is a big fan of streaming, and therefore, he has subscriptions to Hulu and CBS All Access as well. Not only can he stream Netflix in the USA with ExpressVPN, but he can also watch Hulu and CBS All Access with ExpressVPN. So, there are no more worries, this is the service Thomas will use when he wants to stream US content online without jeopardizing his security and privacy!

Thomas is happy, but he is to busy streaming his favorite TV-series, so he has to finish this article. Should you have a comment or a question, use the comment field (and do not forget to tag @thethomasstories in the comment so he will notice that you have actually written a comment.)

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