It has been about a month and life is brighten up to the possibilities in the world of Netflix & Chill!

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So I finally got Internet, my buddies took me to Vegas for gambling and revenge-sex last weekend and I must say that I truly feel like a brand new person. For those of you who read my first post in this diary knows I was betrayed on St. Valentines day, and since then had to couch-surf a bit before finally settling down in this tiny apartment rather than leaching off my good friends.

No Gold or Silver for you my ex-wife

On Monday I have to attend a meeting with our lawyers to settle this divorce once and for all, and knowing my ex, she probably will want to have half of everything. Which is fine by me but my lawyer tells me that in this case... It is a clear case with a lot of witnesses and there is no way she could win. I do not care however, She can have everything except my baseball-cards, Silver & Gold coins and a small bag of raw diamonds I bought on the black market back in 1993 long before I entered into a relationship with this woman so she has no rights to it.

It is after a breakup you realise what piece of shit you were married to, and what pieces of shit her family truly is

It did not take long before concerned family-members from both sides started to chime the phone. "I am sure she did not mean it", "How are you feeling?", "You should give her another chance, she has been crying the whole day"... like that. She can cry all she wants, I am not taking that slut back, she can ride with whomever she wants but never again with me. And all those clothes I have given her over the years - she can keep them all, they do no longer fit.

What is the point of relationships anymore when the whole world is into Netflix & Chill?

Time to give myself a reality-lesson. The world is full of single women with Netflix, and I think I will participate in that culture 100% from now on. No more serious girlfriend/boyfriend relationships for me - thank you, tried that - did not work! Instead I will make it my lives mission to chill with as many cute Netflix subscribers as possible, hell - I even chill with HBO subscribers if that turns out to be better.

Alright Steemit, I need to assemble a bed that just arrived so I can sleep comfortable tonight. Thanks for readying and looking forward to your comments.

A Special thank to all of you who voted for my first post

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You guys ROCK! Have a great day!


Good for you man!
I was wondering what happened to you...
Glad to hear you're recovering.
Have you checked out that book I recommended on your last post?
Worth the read brother.
In any case, welcome back 👍

In regard to how you feel right now - ask yourself, whatever you decide to do, how will your future self, 7 years from now, feel about it looking back?
I recommend making a move guided by your future wisdom regarding what you're willing to give up materially given the circumstances.

"my buddies took me to Vegas for gambling and revenge-sex last weekend "
It looks like you choose better your friends than youar girl : )
Good luck , and keep us informed

thanks for this good post i gave upvote and follow you @qxl please follow me friend @exchangetimes

It is really good the way you are giving a good message to the world. I love this your post.
already followed and upvoted

If you can help me for upvote! 😁😁😁

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