Punisher is cancelled after 2 seasons - and I think it deserves it

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I was extremely critical of this series from the moment it started. As a person who actually owns the very first Punisher comic book and all the 1st editions of the subsequent spinoff series, I know my Frank Castle, and at first I was actually quite pleased with the way that Netflix portrayed him despite the fact that I am not a fan of Jon Bernthal because there is just something about him that I don't care for.


The major problem that I had with this series is the same problem that I have with a lot of various Netflix series: They drag it out entirely too long and this just makes it boring. Every episode except the first one has the same format.

  • recap of what has already happened
  • a middle part where almost nothing happens
  • a brief section of excitement at the end


There are also things that occur on a regular basis in the series that are never explained and appear to be entirely too happenstance for me. For one thing, Frank and co. are constantly pursued by the people behind the killing of his family (which is his original motivation for becoming the Punisher in the first place) and these operatives are powerful and posses vast resources to hunt him down. They never seem to fully hone in on where he goes to sleep but for some reason are able to track him down on various missions he goes on - sometimes to very remote locations that he hasn't even told his team-mates about until the last minute. This begs the question of how TF do they know he is going to be there?


At 13 episodes per season, of which around 8 could be completely eliminated and you wouldn't miss any of the story, it is entirely too long. I fail to understand why Netflix feels as though this is something they need to do because it isn't like Lost or some other weekly series in the past where they can torment us with the wait until next week to see what happens. It's not like there are commercial breaks so I also don't understand the fixed running time of each episode.

Both of these seasons could have easily been fit into 5 or maybe 6 episodes and been an action-packed story that everyone would have binged watched. However, due to all of the filler even die-hard fans of the character are left rolling our eyes and shouting "F**king get on with it already!"

The introduction of a quasi-love-story into season 2 just made me groan as well. It seemed completely unnecessary in a tale of revenge. That trailer is very nicely made, but I can assure you, that is a peek into pretty much all the action that existed in the season. Mostly it is just a bunch of sitting around and listening to Jon Bernthal give monologue after monologue with a perpetual scowl on his face.

Netflix has declined to make a 3rd season and I believe they made the right choice. I have no idea how Netflix makes their decisions and they are very secretive about their viewing metrics and how they even make budgetary choices. I have met a few people that like this series but I believe that most people who are fans of the comic books have a similar opinion to my own.

It's just sad to see this happen because I was so stoked to find out it was being done. Some would argue that Marvel are over-extending themselves as they seem to be making everything that has ever been written into a series or movie.

On a scale of "urgh!" to "wowsers!" I give The Punisher series a rating of

"I'm glad it's cancelled"

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Yeah @gooddream i agree with that too and i have heard that season 2 loses that sense of focus and purpose. The writers seem to have an endless supply of puzzle metaphors to reference Jigsaw, but they don’t seem as concerned with how poorly the pieces of their plot fit together. Amy’s plot is so disconnected from Billy’s that it’s largely abandoned for long stretches or only referred to in scenes that are meant to develop the villains pursuing her. It’s hard for viewers to care about a plot and characters when even the writers aren’t engaged with it.:) Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion :).


awesome follow-up. I stuck to generalities but the specifics of what you just wrote are spot on.

OMG! We were so annoyed with season 2. WTF is all I can say. I can't even get into all the nonsense that occurred. So many unnecessary situations.

Dude, speaking of long boring monologues, remember way back when The Punisher had Daredevil tied up on the roof?


He rambled nonsensically for almost the entire episode. Amanda and I looked at each other like, "What the hell is happening right now? Is this the way that he'll be punishing people? Because I feel punished."


LOL, yeah. I wonder if they employed anyone familiar with the actual background of the character when they were making episodes sometimes.

Season one for me seems really amazing, I think Netflix's cancellation maybe as a result of the ambiguities and the unnecessities you mentioned, however I feel the punisher failed because they couldn't develop their story beyond the whole revenge initial plot, they could've taken a cue from other series and metamorphosis their original plot, I hate to see it go.

recap of what has already happened
a middle part where almost nothing happens
a brief section of excitement at the end

Perfect analysis.
7 out of 10 times I fall asleep. No joke.
I wish they would introduce a speed option, so I can watch it at 1.25x or 1.50x speed. 🤣


well it is good for something anyway. I have trouble sleeping, perhaps this is the cure.

I think punisher was cancelled because of the continue repetition of their storyline and the movies has completely lost that intense suspence that characterizes the first season of the movie. This other season is highly predictable because you can fore tell what will happen in the next minutes of the film

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I actually just finished the second season of The Punisher about two nights ago. I would have to say I agree with you. There was a point when I was at about episode 8 where I had to look and see how many were left. I couldn't believe it was dragging on so long. I really liked the Punisher character when they introduced him in Daredevil season 2 I think it was. Then when the first season of his own show came out I thought it was pretty good. I have heard the main reason they cancelled all of the Marvel shows is because Disney is starting their own streaming service and since Disney owns Marvel they are going to head over there, if they even revive them. I don't know as though I have ever seen Bernthal in anything else but I feel like he did a pretty good job of playing the character. I didn't read any of the comics either though.

Excellent review. I have not seen it, but I've heard good things about it, however, it's good to read you, you've allowed me to broaden my perspective and decide whether to see it or not, for now I think I will not see it.

Haha. Yeah not my thing either.

But you may find my latest video master piece more entertaining. I know you love all things Thia....let me know if this counts.