Is This An End To Netflix Password Sharing?

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Sharing Netflix passwords might soon become a thing of the past if they invoke the help of a UK-based video software firm, known as Synamedia, has recently come up with a new method for preventing people from sharing their account details with friends and loves ones.

They've developed an AI system that uses machine learning to analyze account activity and it is able to identify unusual patterns.

Ultimately, the plan is reportedly to identify when customers are sharing their information in an unapproved manner and then offering those customers a premium service that is going to allow them to share passwords on a limited level. The service is referred to as Credential Sharing Insight:

“ [it] uses machine learning to spot the locations a particular streaming service account is simultaneously active [from]. It will then provide the location data to the service provider so that the subscription, which the first party bought, is not being misused”

“Not only the location, the time of using the service along with the content that is being watched will also be shared with the service provider so that a probability score can be populated, which is essentially an estimation of the certainty on finding a service violator.”

For now, it's reported that Synamedia has already been busy conducting trials with various pay-TV operators though it isn't clear which ones specifically they've been working with.

Password sharing is said to be rampant for streaming services like Netflix today and it's estimated to be costing the company millions; potentially even billions of dollars.

It's becoming a problem for companies that is too expensive to ignore and we can expect that they'll start to crack down further so that they can potentially convert some of those people who are borrowing account information into paying customers.

Netflix now has more than 100 million users and one previous study conducted by GlobalWebIndex a few years ago had suggested that as much as two-thirds of Netflix users or more were likely sharing their account credentials with others.

Previous polls have suggested that at least 21 percent of streaming viewers or more who are between the ages of 18 to 24 years old have accessed at least one video service at some point by logging-in with details for someone else in their home.

If a growing number of companies start to crack down on the password sharing then that might mean that people are going to go without their subscription, though there are some who've admitted that they'd be willing to start paying.

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Sigh... won't they ever learn?

All this will create is more annoyed honest customers and no new customers.

If the ones borrowing a password could afford their own, they would have done so. Thus, they will not become new customers if they are "locked out" some how.

This kind of AI has always lead to many false positives.
Imagine two sisters using the family netflix account. A good AI would find that two different people are watching videos at that home. But, is it appropriate to charge them double? Netflix is not charging per person, they are charging per streaming account. And, if either of those girls watch on their phones (while shopping) the AI would pick up that the locations are different.

Basically, people will suddenly find they can't reliably use their VPNs.
And customers will drop off as well as revenue.

(not mentioning anything about privacy and tracking people)

Slightly misleading article title, Netflix have no known relationship to that company.

In my opinion Netflix tolerate this kind of thing for the exact reasons you've stated.

they could, if they haven't already, employ this solution to fight back against password sharing, nothing misleading :) 👍the reason that they came up with this solution in the first place is because these streaming services are having this "problem"

Just to clarify, I'm not saying your post is misleading, I'm saying the cited article's title is misleading. And it is. These guys are getting free promo, good for them! :D this is literally their pitch. You think Netflix hasn't considered this deeply?

Also, for the record I find those "this thing costs this company or institution this much" claims to be worth very little. For example, one time a top newspaper in a certain city touted how millions were lost during a particularly heavy snow day. Actually no, millions were not lost. Projected millions were not made, perhaps, if even. Projected productivity was not reached. That's the ebb and flow of the real world, outside the nice models people like to make.

Again, not a direct attack on your post, but on the related content. If you want to stretch for it then perhaps a critique of your curation.

I saw this somewhere earlier and I thought, thank goodness, an excuse to NOT lend my password out to my mooch friends! :)

I would say goodbye to netflix if so. Lol

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It all goes back to money. Yeah I remember an old girlfriend of mine who shared the password with 6 of us. Those were the days man. LOL

you don't use it any longer?

the netflix not the account info lol

I think a lot of people might leave Net Flex because of this. I dont have the service but my son does, I figured it would be just a matter of time before they started doing something about it, im surprised it took them so long considering all the money they are losing! Great post @doitvoluntarily ! upped earlier now resteemed!👍👍👍✌😜

thanks for the support and resteem! have a good wknd

You too my friend! 😃👍🙋

i'm sure it would anger a few 😂

Didn't Netflix tell people to do this?
Isn't that why there are multiple profiles now?

Netflix is on thin ice with me as it is. If they implement this I'm done. There are many streaming services offering better content for my money.

why they on thin ice?😂

Netflix encourages sharing password between family members. There are countless companies offering these kind of service and Netflix itself can monitor user IP, location and watching time. I don't believe they will change this practice because the community would react.

what if this could help them to capture some of those lost millions?:)