Neoxian City Photo Challenge - Road View Theme

Hola guys!

Just notice on my feed,they are another photo challenge initiated by @zaku. This contest will ongoing in a week. So this week neoxian city photo challenge theme are Road View. Here I want to take this opportunity and give the best of me. If lucky enough to win you may get best prize and rewards.
So what are you waiting for guys? Let's join this challenge!

Here is my first photo. In the middle of highway going to one of my friends village. Our trip purpose are want to get some fresh air and feel the village atmosphere after face a long days in concrete jungle.
8qv0lf7pfi.jpg image taken by iphone 7 plus,location somewhere at Perak,Malaysia

Second photo of my entry in this challenge. While we wandering around village with motorbike,I observe one of this road have something unique art photography. So I grab my phone and capture this great image. iaa09y1oyp.jpg image taken by iphone 7plus,location somewhere in Batu Kurau,Perak,Malaysia.

Here are the guideline how to participate this contest.

  1. This contest is open to all Steemians and only one entry per steemit account is allowed.
  2. Submit your post under the tag #neoxianphotochallenge.
  3. Your submitted photography must be YOUR OWN WORK.
  4. The plagiarism works will be disqualified from this competition and will be reported.
  5. Your entry must be published on your personal Steemit account with the title "Neoxian City Photo Challenge".
  6. Follow and Resteem will help to spread the contest in other users.
  7. Leave a link of your entry in the comments on this post.
  8. Let us know what camera or phone was used and the location and you may use a watermark on the photos.
  9. Multiple photos can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.

lets do participate guys!

have a nice day!


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