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Hey there , Yeah another day start on , though like other day this time also we go on fomo, Obviously i will discuss those on my post . Also loving to see great steemians using #neoxian tag to support the project and speard it all over the steem blockchain. On my previous curation post i mentioned about tag abuse on other tribes platform like #spt & #leo , Though leo curators doing great job by downvoting those abuse to keep tribes clean from junks. Also people start understanding about the tags use on #spt , not much tag abuse like before . Another great news is we got another tribes name which token name Good Game token GG . It's a game taken which is support all game related topic post , so if you use tag steemace on you game contents you have chance to get upvote from their account which have 100k SP , More details on this post. I am going to use their tag wisely , i hope you guys also do the same . Please for god sake don't add steemace tag on your actifit/photography posts . You can add that tag on your steemmonsters/drugwars or other game contents . We welcome them to our city , We hope we all together can make steem strong. it's time to bring more new investors on steem and push up steem more .

Marking myself safe from tag abusers hehe, meme from imgflip


The Posts that curated by @zaku-ag is

Do You Have A Quality Neoxian Post ?

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At the moment my vote power on Neoxian is about 200 give or take a bit. Since I am so heavily invested into the platform I wanted to pick 10 people with good quality posts about Neoxian. If you have a Neoxian post about any of the following in the last 3 days please comment a link to it below. Neoxi

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The city of neoxian is amazing

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Since the launch of the tribe of neoxian city, everything keeps taking a mega upswing in growth and development. It is a great privilege for me and my fellow active citizens who were lucky to have been able to take part in the most important take-off of the forum for being active all through the bul

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When I first came to STEEM, I struggled for a long time with Steemit Inc not focusing on all of the changes that seemed so obvious to improve the user experience of the site. When we started seeing different front ends pop up, I felt like it was a move in the right direction, but eventually the dist

We're nearly fully moved... Jeesh, what a nightmare.

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This is just a quick post to update everyone on Creative Coin and what's going on in the world of Shane and Isaria. Thanks to @derangedvisions for the logo Wednesday was to be our big move day. We were almost completely packed and ready to go. However, 97 Degrees (36.1 C) and a heat index of 107 (41

Contest Kings Verified - 15th July 2019

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Each day Contest Kings will deliver a report listing contests that have been verified to have a guaranteed prize and a criteria for participants. This list below has a breakdown of the prizes on offer, including a link to the post and refe



Exactly 7 day's ago started journey along with all steem user , so today we celebrating our first rewards come day . Though i am going to placed some low buy order , let's see itf it gets fill or not, also @neoxian going to place some buy orders . Yesterday Neoxian bought 2500 NEOXAG from market , yeah he bought his own currency from market . it's kind a weird but this is true , that man have ability to push issue button and create token for himself , but he didn't do that . He don't want to cheat with system . Let's see how our 2 tokens performing on market NEOX , NEOXAGM


imageedit_21_4026054725.png NEOX


NEOX Token rise after long time .Because there was not enough Token sale going on market . But after some users drop his/her token on market , it gone sold out asap. When the sell stopped by owner that time price was 18 STEEM/NEOX , but few days ago it goes up from 18 Steem to 21 Steem but some users And today it was almost 100%+ up , because it gone for 50 STEEM/NEOX .. Damn people are sooo much excited about neoxian projects . Let's drive into market stats.

Oh !! granny feeling bad because there is no Sell order at 50 Steem , only a RED dot near 100 lol :D , who is goona be grab that ?? who will be that luck person ??? well time will say , there is nothing to be say about buy/sell order because only few buy orders and no sell orders .

There is total 157 NEOX out right now , Last: 50 STEEM / $12.59 and
24h Vol: 159 STEEM / $40.08 , Yesterday Price: 35.00000

Percentage Change: 42.86%


imageedit_29_2149154286.png NEOXAGM


Well i Said previously NEOXAGM rarity and price going up everyday , Right now it's the most expensive active Mining token on Steem-engine , journey started with 50 Steem/neoxagm and after 7 days 440 steem/neoxagm more than 900% growth , that's crazy right ??? The strategy to keep them tigh is whenever new token placed on market it will come as +10 STEEM price , so this is the reason for price growth . Let's see the stats..

As you can see not so many sell and Bid too . Market opened with 380Steem/Neoxagm and now after 12 hours it's 440 Steem/Neoxagm .. I know all those early catcher will be much more happy for get those early .

Buy orders of NEOXAGM:


Sell orders of NEOXAGM:


Well only 1.54 NEOXAGM available on market after those sold out next 3 NEOXAGM will be placed at 460 Steem/Neoxagm , 470 Steem/Neoxagm , 480 Steem/Neoxagm . It's going to be hard competition .. Though the top 15 Rich of NEOXAGM is


Yeah all those rich baby showed on the list ,
atm Total NEOXAGM created 91 The more goes out , the more will be created and will be placed on high sell
Last: 440 STEEM / $111.96 , 24h Vol: 4,655 STEEM / $1,184.58
Yesterday Price: 350

Percentage Change: 25.71%


That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_1_2110534779.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .


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That @stokjockey Guy is Insane Offering to BUY at those Levels.

I'm just sitting here debating if I should grab more miners or not...

The potention of the tribe will answer that, We are working on something amazing which will make this tribe more active.

I'm just sitting here
Debating if I should grab
More miners or not...

                 - bwar

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@zaku, NEOXIAN is very interesting Ecosystem which arised very surprisingly and we can say that now it's becoming new trend. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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