When Merlion Squirt and Goes Grrgh!

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Sometime back; We were in Sentosa Island Singapore with my family of course.
Mum, dad and my little brother. It was a vacation.
Have you ever seen a Merlion? Suppose looks like part Mermaid and Lion.
Oh Boy! It did squirt so much water out.

This one particularly on the Island just goes Grrgh! I presumable think.
It was a wonder vacation as I need some break from my studies.
I hope you All Enjoys my post and have a bit of laughter.

Hmm! How many tokens , Can I get for this post?
Thanks Mr Bullion and Team Whalepower




You must have like my post Mr H
Thank you ! Yeah! Singapore is wonderful place for short holiday.
I really like it very much. I just need to safe up a bit more now from my allowance.

Arrgh! I am ere'
Now , walk the plank. Don't need to play with the mermaidlion.
me chess gold is much better than ti Tokens.
Stop counting!

Thank You Mr Giant
I am glad you visit my post, good to see you again. Hope you can come more often.
God Bless
ps Yes , I am counting my tokens. :)))

Didn't know about Merlion until this post.
i have been to Singapore just for business trip that's about it.
Good luck with the studies.

Thank you , yes I am constantly concentrating at my studies.
May need another break soon. Like another vacation.
Planning ahead for this coming vacation.

I probably won't go the peak seasons due to the facts too congested and probably won't be any seasoning Sales. That if you are shopping.
Other than that yes a good place esp. The New Marina Bay Sand.

Oh! I am very Happy today so many people come to my post.
Singapore Holiday destination a place to go to.
Yay! Woo Hoo Thanks for visiting my post.

When Merlion Squirt and Goes Grrgh!

That's Oooo mighty Header there Su.
Fountain of course, wonder why not caught many attention here.
Nicely posted.

Hey Mr Words , stop teasing.
I know I know! Thank you for your visit.
Hope you comes often. When I get my tokens I will give you some.

Really appreciates your gesture , I haven't got any tokens yet.
I will soon find out what they are. Maybe I will learn from you.

Hahaha... Saya salah satu yang paling gembira dan menikmati posts anda... Keren banget mermaid nya... Singapora!..

Thank you for visiting my post, great to see ya.
I am sorry I can't understand , I am sure everything is good.
Thanks for the visit , I am very Happy.
God Bless

a very beautiful country with various facilities owned makes people want to visit this country, a country located on the Malay Peninsula

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