The Magic Doll 1

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This is a fictional story written by Barbie and edited by me

A wizard named Boz, owned a doll shop and was making a new doll one day. He had many potions set aside and he worked diligently to make the doll to a perfect specification. Just before he was done, he heard the doorbell and hurriedly poured in one last potion before dashing off to answer it. When he returned to the doll making spot, he realized that he had mistakenly poured an elixir of life in that moment of distraction when the doorbell rang. He watched the beautiful doll stagger to its feet and he was so shocked that his mind went blank. Boz did not know what to do; for several minutes he tried to think up of a solution and then suddenly he had an idea. Maybe the children would be excited to see a live doll! He decided this was a great idea, seized the multiplication potion and poured it on the doll. That way it would be both alive and could multiply whenever one wanted it to you want it to. Boz continued to make more and more until he had a hundred magic dolls!

To be continued...

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