Announcement: NEO token is changing to NEOX

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Hello all, I'd like to announce that I'm changing the symbol of my token from NEO to NEOX. A couple people suggested this, as there is a certain other well established coin called NEO and it just creates confusion. The NEOX symbol is unique (I couldn't find it in coinmarketcap, so that's good enough for me), so it can now represent my brand name.

Other then the name change, the new token will work exactly as described in my previous post:


  • What about people that already hold NEO?

Everyone that currently holds NEO has received the same amount of NEOX. It wasn't that hard, there were only 10 people:

  • What about people that have buy orders on the market.

If you have a buy order for the old NEO token you are encouraged remove your buy order. I will keep my own buy orders up, because I'm classy like that. If you feel you got stuck with some NEO contact me and I'll probably give you some NEOX. No one will get ripped off, that's a promise.

  • What will happen with the old NEO token?

The NEO token is now defunct. I will not redeem it for votes as described in the token contract. NEOX has taken it's place. I can't really delete it or get rid of it. Perhaps someday I'll be able to sell it to the real NEO guys for a reasonable price. :wink:

Well that's it, I figured I should do this now while it's relatively painless, rather than wait six months, when it would probably be a nightmare to switch over.

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That would be a really nice idea to change the coin symbol and the name to NEOX!


You could send the NEO tokens to @null to burn them, until they are all gone 😉

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I can certainly do that with my own tokens, but there are a small handful of other people holding the tokens, and they haven't sold for whatever reason. I maintain buy orders on the Neo token.

Ahhh. Well perhaps they aren't aware yet of the change, have you reached out to them? Also, I just became aware that you accept deposits for your bank... I've been following you for a while and i just assumed you were self funded lol. Do we just send the funds directly or do you need info in the memo portion?

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

All or at least nearly all the NEO holders should be aware of the situation, they are all in my Discord server where I have made numerous announcements and talked about it and hinted that they should sell into my buy orders. But I can't force them right?

I could certainly run the Bank using only my own money just fine, but enough people approached me wanting a piece of the action, so I do take deposits. (I try to run the bank using only existing money in the system, but I could certainly "cheat" and bring in more money from outside the Steem ecosystem.)

If you wish to make a deposit, send the money to "neoxian" and use the memo "Bank deposit".

Your Bank deposit of 15 SBD is received, thank you.

As yes the full faith and credit! Seems almost familiar sounding LOL!! Very cool!
Thanks for the support, as always. Much appreciated!

Good day sir. How to have neox, where can we acquire it?

Right on time sir... This is a very timely decision you've made...

Now that's a nice ticker name its still the top choice rocking it !

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Right decision on right time ❤❤👍

I will keep my own buy orders up, because I'm classy like that


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Great move!

Wooaw.... I really loved the new name, especially how the x sounds at the end 😀.
Lovely move from the classy dragon.

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A good decion

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