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.... I ended up in Neoxian City Square sort of haphazardly. 

The last year had been long and very unkind to me. I had travelled from crypto-project to project during the last bear market, looking for my next fix of coin mooning. Silently comforting myself that the next project I was going to join would be the last, only to find myself out in the nether-lands once more with my faith in bits.

This was me a couple of months ago.

It just so happens that I stumbled across a friend's post telling me how great the new Tribes were and how awesome the city of Neoxian was. Curiously, I tapped the join button.

Neoxian City has been a god-send for me; not only have a met a team of seriously dedicated coin owners that follow through with exactly everything they say, I've also met some amazing friends.

You see I've done a lot of reflection over the last few weeks and I think the last projects I've been involved with haven't been right for me; mainly because I don't like to see things stall. If I have an idea I want to act upon it straight away. I want to get testing it as soon as I've worked out how it can be possible. 

Perhaps sometimes I need a little taming, and for the other projects I was involved with there just wasn't the scope for me to work on the level that I wanted to be involved.

The best thing with Neoxian City is that it's a building project. People have ideas, and you get to act them out if they are good -- only that you have to take ownership of them.

Want to create a gambling game with Neoxag? Awesome! How are you going to do it? You may need a team and some steem.

Want to build a city club? Awesome! You may want to head off and think about how you're going to achieve that.

See where I'm going with this? It takes work, but if you're enthusiastic enough then Neoxian City is ripe for the picking.

But it's not just that there's so much more here:

If you check the trending page of our city then only the very finest authors make it to the top. No auto-voting half-effort shit-posts, nope. Only the best at Neoxian City. I'd make a bet that our trending is one of the finest. The best thing about all of this is that @neoxian curates all his upvotes manually.

But this isn't going to be a whole suck up to the owner post, no, because our members are great too -- the city philosophy brings out the best in us. Our members give away A LOT in giveaways every week. 100's and 100's of Steem worth. I think my own last giveaway was a big one. We run with the notion that it is better to give than to receive.

We have the city paper; curated by six of the finest artists Neoxian City can find that selects only the best material the city has to offer. You must have read it by now? It's amazing isn't it?

We do contests. Contests with awesome prizes that stretch far and wide and that are made for people that want to challenge themselves to smash through their own boundaries.

We have jobs in the city too - come in and check them out if you're interested? If you can't see one, why not suggest one? We already have a DJ and a radio-presenter out of suggestions.

And to top it all off we have a 3d representation of our city in glorious Minecraftesque style. It's a bit different to Minecraft but it's very similar. The main difference is that it's open source and can be altered and pulled in any direction that we want to. People are already building their own slice of the city -- and I'd advise you to get in early before we start implementing a monetary system!!

There's just so much to do here; so much to see and do and get on with. It's like a never ending City that moulds to your goals and objectives with it. If you want to just sit there and chat with a few regulars and maybe participate in the odd giveaway, then awesome! Or, if like me you want to create a kingpin empire and a foothold at Fort Neox, then it moulds to those goals too!

You should join like I did.

Join here.


Look like I am already a neoxian.

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