Why am I Still Here

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Hi family.

I wanted to write my thinking and I saw the initiative post from @theycallmedan and I wanted to join.

Wow, what is going on here?

I am very sad to see how this platform is going. I am disapointed. I do not want anyone can take me away my freedom. I do not want my pictures and writtings owned by someone else than me.

I feel now like on others platform. Very confuse... I sometimes ask myself if I will continue and stay. Or what I am doing on here?

Two weeks ago Ned sold Steemit to Tron. Later Justin Sun announced us that he will give all power to Tron users and manipulate the Steem blokchain.

What are we waiting for? The End ? And here we are!

Nobody knows what will be happen tomorow. What is really guaranted now?

I have voted this morning for the witnesses. I wanted to ask two questions that seems important to me: Can we switch to OUR REAL DECENTRALIZED STEEM ? Could we not create or ensure that Justinsun and that anyone in the future rich or not, can not manipulate the blockchain as they please?

I could not read all but I did not trust him. For me he just want to kill Steemit. And I am not into and following that thinking or his vision. I do not think it possile to work with a man who's not clear, it will be an issue.

I really hope all this situation will end soon with real oportunities and on the same freedom way as we were.

Moreover, what I do not really understand is why he bought Steemit for killing it after?!? What is this new business manipulation? It's a loss!

I though we all were like a big familly but with communities and this sold is just dispereses us and make more confusions and more separation between us. Is what I see and think.

In the past weeks there have been a lot of changes. As a newbie it was difficult to adapt and with the sale of steemit and the arrival of communities, I am more and more confused and I feel insecure.

Despite my doubts and the departures of developers and some users, I notice that the community is working to find an effective solution and I thank you.

WhatsApp Image 20191209 at 02.06.23.jpeg

I decided to stay faithful despite everything and see the evolution. You now why?

LOVE IS THE ANSWER! Moreover because it's my Platform, my contents, my freedom but not yours @justinsunsteemit.

I trust on Steem and on my community. I have made some friends and I like the building system. I have always though that the people voice is stronger than anything. Let us never forget that unity is strength.

We need to be one entity and and to stay one POWERFUL familly.

With love

The picture was taken by me with my wonderful Wiko Lenny 4.


Don't be afraid, my friend. He just bought the platform (a front end) and the Steemit Inc Big stake. He didn't bought us or the community. We are free and we own our content that relies for ever on the blockchain.
Keep strong and don't try to understand It all just at once. Keep doing your stuff and don't hesitate to ask any questions. We are here to help and to stay.
Hugs and best wishes over there 🤗

Ah, thanks my friend for these important informations. I put my heart on this project and platform and I was disappointed. It's true, yes I sometimes want to understand everything on here but is just impossible. One by one.
Thanks to be here for us.
Big Hugs :)

The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

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