What Tokens Should I Grab Next?

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Well I'm ready to start looking for my next token to scoop up soon. I've had a blast discovering the tribes and diving way too deep into my NeoXAgM (I regret nothing!) and now I'm looking around for my next currency sink. I've got a nice steady trail of NeoXAg coming in from my miners and I'm almost at my goal of having 1% of all NeoXAg staked on my main account (@bwar for anyone curious). So what's next?

I'm always on the look out for new miners and will likely make a habit of continuing to buy every new miner that gets released on steem-engine. Not all miners are created equal and as I learn more I hope to learn how to identify the ones that will be most profitable for me. I'm probably going to avoid currency flipping for the time being, I think you could be earning a few extra steem each day flipping a few of the more expensive currencies (ie. set a buy order just above market, then sell immediately just below market) but overall volume is too low and the margins are really tightening up. Also I find it a bit stressful when you get stuck with a currency you don't want to accumulate and are waiting to sell it off.

i will also be digging into a few of the tokens that I don't know much about. I think there is potential value in staking the tokens you like or the tokens that you frequently post in. If I want to post in #neoxian I want to have a few of those tokens staked. I also think its a good idea to watch for new tribes you wish to post in and grab some tokens because you can usually get a nice head start by getting in early. I regret not buying up SPORTS when I started posting in #sportstalk because I feel like I could have brought a lot more attention to my blog and accelerated my growth in the tribe.

Overall lots of lessens to be learned and lots of tokens to investigate!

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Yeah NEOXAGM was a worthy investment. Same here..

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