Neoxian.City with some changes in distribution - POS

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Tribes are very important experiments on new steem, a glimpse of the future. Hard to make it right from the beginning with all the settings and math behind inflation and distribution but tribe owners and future tribe creators are learning everyday how to make it better.

Changes in Neoxian.City


  • 50% proof of brain
  • 50% proof of mining


  • 60% proof of brain
  • 10% proof of stake
  • 30% proof of mining

As u can see miners are earning less NEOXAG, author/curators rewards are boosted, and staking NEOXAG gives now passive income. If you bought miners and crying already:

My Neoxian Silver and Miner tokens are just digital pieces of fluff, and may never be worth anything. Be very cautious in purchasing any tokens, including mine.

@neoxian in - introduction post for Neoxian.City

Some math

Daily inflation: 76800 NEOXAG
10% of that = 7680
Staked NEOXAG: 3,966,480
7680 / staked NEOXAG = 0.0019 NEOXAG per 1 token staked, daily

let's multiply it by 1000
1000 staked NEOXAG will give you 1.9 NEOXAG daily
in a year it should give you 693 NEOXAG = 69.3%

ofc these number may go down with more staked NEOXAG

Any tribe will follow?


It is nice the @neoxian's Scot Tribe has a POS :D
It is a good development since it will encourage the staking of Tokens. @gerber

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hi @gerber?

I just spoke with cadawg and he mentioned your name a moment ago so I figured that I will check how have you been doing lately

ps. do you mind sharing with me from which town in poland are you from? I'm living in Wroclaw. Just curious.


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