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RE: Interview at the University of my Dreams

in #neoxian2 years ago

Wow that was a hard test for anyone!
I wish you the best on this and I really hope you’ll be finally accepted. It’s a good signal that the interview lasted longer (15 min) than expected in my humble opinion.
By the way: precious snowy shot @misschance
Dreams are something to follow. Not always it’s easy to keep on but I would tell you that no one giving up will ever achieve them so keep fighting hard whether you’re accepted or not.
Hugs’n love over there ❤️


Thank you @drakernoise, yes it's a good signal but I do not want get in advance and later being disappointed but my feeling are going on the good side, I cross my finger :)
I will try to follow and achieve my dreams in the best way I can and I will keep fighting and Steem of course.

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