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In this video we can see what a group of students who allocated their savings and pooled it together to give it to their teacher who is living in the school grounds because he is not paid by the state government with his salary for his teaching as a musical instructor.

The students learned about the situation of their teacher and they agreed with one another to help their teacher financially because of his situation which is depressing to think about since he is still doing his work despite not being paid by the government.

I am just inspired to post this because it feels like I am in the position of the teacher where people in the past and present are helping me to make it through my medical situation which to most people or even doctors does not want to deal with but here in steem community I had found or found me and they are just offering every bit of support that they could give from words of encouragement to prayers and I am appreciating all of it from my heart. Thank all my friends in steem and God bless you.

My special thanks to @gungho who donated for me via my Paypal link in my steem profile page. Thank you again my friend :)

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My heart was called upon, @cryptopie. I suddenly woke up in the morning around 5am and read steem posts on my Partiko app. Then I saw your post about rice. I knew what I wanted to do at that moment. Perhaps a whipser in my ear? I really like your digital art. It's inspiring to me.

I post teaching materials online on a site called TPT. Korea doesn't use the Paypal system, but TPT payments go to Paypal. I've been saving my money from that website, which pays once a month. It was my pleasure from me to you. 😊
We do care about you and love you and pray about your well-being.

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Thank you again @gungho from the bottom of my heart. Friends like you also inspires me into wanting to see the light of another day despite it is really hard to live like this where my little left strength is sapped by my breathing issues not to mention other things. God bless you. :)

Someone I know is becoming a teacher now and I know they will be there for their students and be a great teacher. All teachers deserve such support.

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