What happens to your Steem account when you leave this world?

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It's not a topic we like discussing, but there are two certain things that will happen to everyone...

Death and taxes

When we finish our earthly journey, what happens to your Steem account and all the funds that you'ved diligently hodl'ed? Well, absolutely nothing. It will just sit there and nobody will have access to it ever again—unless you specified a beneficiary by giving them a copy of your keys (hopefully in a secure fashion). Assuming you trust this person not to use it unless you are gone, how can you enforce this better?

Here's what I'm doing—using LastPass emergency access (affiliate link). Your chosen beneficiaries can receive access to your LastPass vault, when they request access to it and only after the specified waiting period. During this grace period, the access can be denied by you.

The waiting period is customisable from immediate to 30 days. Choose an option that suits your needs best.

Whilst primarily designed to store web passwords (unique for each site), you can also store secure notes. I think this would be a suitable way to store your Steem private keys. If you're already using LastPass, you need to decide whether you'd like to give all your passwords away to your beneficiaries. That's only a question you can answer. And of course, this is just what I'm doing and not necessarily what you should should be doing :) (note: do your due diligence!).

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I actually have a steem account template:


Oh wow! Can you share that with us?


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Thanks for providing some kind of solution to this imminent problem...

It's only one possible solution of many! !giphy problems

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This is certainly something to look into doing. Thanks for helping me think ahead, @contrabourdon. I am going to tag my husband so we can look into it further.

@philippekiene this is the post I was talking about.

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Wow... that looks like a really good service, and certainly something we all need to keep in mind, because — much as many would like to think otherwise! — we don't live forever.

Having cleaned up after several family members'/parents' messy affairs, the simpler we can make it for those who follow, the better it is.

I will have to check this out, thank you!