Daily Delegation - Day 8 (2,000 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Had two good answers for yesterdays question from @ironshield and @qam2112 on token burning. Ironshield is trying to extend his win streak to three days with a suggestion I hadn't heard before on creating a ranking system for accounts that burn the most NeoXAg and then offer rewards based on the rankings. Qam2112 came in with a great suggestion on offering up betting propositions where essentially the house cut would get burned. I like both answers today but there can be only one winner....

@ironshield gets the three day win streak! This one was close but I felt that @ironshield really thought out their answer so I gave them the edge. Two great suggestions that I will probably run up the ladder in the Neoxian City Discord.

Gonna switch things up today, everyone who comments on the post AND tags me in Neoxian City Discord will be eligible to win a 2,000 NeoxAg delegation for the next 30 days. I will select the winner at random via real life dice rolling. These contests are all about promoting NeoXAg and it's community, discord is a core part of that community so I want to start seeing some new faces in the chat soon.


  1. Comment
  2. tag me anywhere in Neoxian City Discord
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I tagged you in the neoxian.city cry room. Waaah.

Another idea to burn neoxianag. Create a new token called neoxianburn (or something like that) which is distributed 1:1 with the number of burned neoxianag. No airdrop, only a pure representation of the amount of neoxianag that has been burned specifically for the token. Users could put it on the market and see how it does. Use the burn tokens for raffle entries for big steem or sbd prizes... or even neoxianag!

(the Federal Reserve needs initiatives like this to counter inflation... literally burn your greenbacks with fire for incentives!)

edit: for more scarcity, could only issue 0.5 neoxianburn per burned neoxian... just a thought.

You have brillians ideas @ironshield! I cannot even think of any, but then you have these different types of awesome ideas!!! Hahaha! 😁


My only real issue is, where does the value of the new token come from? Someone has to do something extra to create a value for the token and then we'd need a way to burn the burn tokens.

I suppose the value of the new coin would come from an effective faucet and sink: burning neoxianag is the only "faucet", and submitting (burning) the token for raffles is the "sink". Users could HODL, or sell, or more likely use them (like a ticket) for the raffle. Either way, it would have value due to scarcity and utility. Also, if neoxianburn is 0.5 for every burned neoxianag, I would presume the value would generally stay around 2x neoxianag.

(ag = silver... maybe neoxianmelt would be a better name!)

GL all

Good info

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I am now slowly staking my neoxian token Keep it up @bwar

Mine is just a mediocre idea of bruning tokens. Hahaha!

Create a contest, maybe a photocontest or a writing contest open to all the NeoXAg token holders. A participant can only be recognized if he will send 10NeoXAg (or whatever necessary amount). The prize pool depends on how many NeoXAg will be sent. The winner of the contest will be rewarded with 40% of the prize; 2nd will be 30%; 3rd will be 20%, and the remaining 10% will be burned.

Simple, clean, easy idea. Best if don't by the tribe team imo. Could even have a rotating contest account with a different contest each day of the week. Earnings on the post are split between the winners with a portion getting burned.

Yes, that's a great idea with different contests each day! There are so many contests now in Steemit, maybe you can follow one or two of them, or even create something new. 😊