Daily Delegation - Day 12 (1,000x2 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Had a new face yesterday with @ketcom nominating @upvotebuilders so I will be picking the new face as my first winner. @upvotebuilders is a little upvote community that gives upvotes to it's community members based on their contributions. Seems like a nice little community so I hope they enjoy the NeoXAg.

The second prize comes down to @ironshield and @qam2112 both said they would help spread the word about my contest and I've decided they will both be winners! So an extra prize going out today and 3,000 more NeoXAg delegated succesfully!

Would still like to figure out how to trick more people into getting free stuff but it's the weekend so I'm focusing on minimal effort until Monday. I'm adding a few extra tags today as a trial. Maybe that will get some more eyes here?

Anyways back to the contest, it's real simple, I'm delegating 1,000 NeoXAg for 30 days everyday until people are no longer interested in the contest. All you have to do is convince me why you deserve the delegation. Just leave a comment and tell me why I should pick you. Bonus points if you tag me on the Neoxian City Discord.

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Hi, as a member of the @upvotebuilders community I wanted to thank you for your generous delegation.

You are welcome, I hope the delegation helps lots of people out.

You are welcome, I
Hope the delegation helps
Lots of people out.

                 - bwar

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We wouldn't mind the NeoXAg, this would help us towards our goals of having multiple tokens staked.

I'm sensing a victory in your future...

Also burned 25 UFM to promote this post on our site, and we added contest and giveaway to our tag list to help promote posts just like this one.


I just found this contest because of it being promoted on the UFM site. I am also an Upvote Builders member, so hooray!
I would also like to enter for a shot at a delegation; I'm not anything special but I'm a little minnow who tries to help out and love that I can stake so many tokens and help out more even though the Steem price is currently so low. I'm excited by all the possibilities with the tribe tokens!

It's starting to feel the the tribes are becoming more valuable than steem!

Right? I wouldn't be surprised if at least a handful of them surpass Steem as the token-to-have.
It's like the community got tired of waiting for SMTs, and just did it themselves, and it's breathing new life into the platform the way the hype about SMTs always promised to do. :)

I was a bit out of the loop after steem-engine started and I thought that they were SMT's. I was really pumped up because they were much better than I expected. A few days later I realized it was all put together by the community and Steemit had missed the boat!

Thanks a whole lot @bwar, I am indeed very grateful.

I have announced your 1000 NeoXAg delegation to the @upvotebuilders community in our daily post I just posted.

In the post I've asked members to upvote, resteem and comment to show the appreciation.

I myself have personally started following you, upvoted, resteem and commenting on this post as a way of saying like Oliver Twist, we can do with more of your 1000 NeoXAg delegation to @upvotebuilders.

Thanks again, you are truly appreciated.

Please sir!


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Ty hopefully we get some more entry's

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I tagged this same message on discord:

Silvertop Today at 11:56 PM
@bwar , I just saw on @upvotebuilders that you are running a contest for a 1000 SP delegation of NeoXAg . I want to nominate @elizabethbit. Check out her photography as she does macro and landscapes, plant life and animals.


Thanks silvertop, I will check out @elizabethbit and maybe she grabs one of the delegations tomorrow!

I have been staking NeoXAg .....I like your project!
Glad to see @ketcom / @upvotebuilders staking as well!

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I nominate @zephalexia @bwar for her twice a week contest.

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It's hard to get a bunch of engagement here within 24 hours especially. I just got up to do my contest kings and your post on there is already expired. It's why I stopped doing 24 hr contests on there. Change it to at least a 3 day or 7 day format. Also use steem-bounty as well. Promote on twitter etc. Send my alt kungpaocrypto 1k neoxian

If you wanted new people to just come in general. Take a chunk of your neox and create a free bid bot that leaves a comment. Give 2x votes to your contest participants. etc etc

UpFundMe are good to give to.