Just bought a 13 steem booster upvote and i got 13 booster tokens from a crazy norweigan millionaire who sells virtual advertising credits on a social media blockchain website that can't be taken down.

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Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? It wasnt booster! it wasnt booster! Musical chairs is also very relevant for steem.

Childrens songs tell us all we need to know about the Steem Blockchain and all of its politics. The title is just to see if your paying attention.

https://booster.ink by @fyrstikken and created also by the developer inertia (creator of @banjo ) is where i go to get a reasonable single bid bot upvote, and get some booster tokens to have some steemp to trade on steem-engine markets. I don't usually use bid-bots, but when i do, I like to use the one that pays me in a valuable liquid token held up by the pride of a crazy Norwegian millionaire.

I just paid for an upvote for my post about buying Golos https://steemit.com/golos/@ackza/buying-600-more-golos-staking-100-into-golos-power-and-earning-a-few-hundred-gbg-since-golos-classic-fork-when-golos-is-on-steem

get that golos before we pump it ;) Im already buying WAY more than I should! :) But hey ChallengeDac just paid off for me and im up 30 EOS or $100 USD in a day


Now lets also explain to you how to get that @likwid working. just make your posts using https;//steempeak.com and on @steempeak just add beneficiary reward at the bottoma nd type in likwid as the account and click - until you get 100% and yes youll be giving 100% of your rewards top this service run by steem whales, trusted by @3speak and it gives you 95% of your likwid sorry liquid rewards back. Its called @likwid supported by transisto and friends and its gota lot of support and can have many competitors in the future who may be able to offer a worse deal but higher volume.. i love that @likwid only charges 1.5% but someone could charge 5% and itd be fine, we wouldnt even complain if someone offered 90% and took 10% especially if you paid in BTCp the pegged Bitcoin Asset...

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Thanks @ackza for that info about @likwid I will be sure to check it out.

Good lead for your article. The primary purpose of children songs is to teach a lesson.

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