Esmeralda | Short story

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When we met, everything in my life changed. I'm a mysterious being like a magician, I like brown silhouettes like yours, the shape of hands, feet, their smells and flavors, the saliva of a woman who likes to take a hot shower when it's very cold, all that I love, are my favorite things.

Esmeralda was a flower. I don't mean the tenderness of the roses, but that flower that she likes to levitate on the sea, looking for the clouds, the stars, the galaxy. I was always surprised at how creative and curious she was.

I was very similar to her, only my stars were her polka dots, the clouds where I wanted to be were those pearls, her breasts. Her sea was a philosophy of falling in love where I could simply understand my soul and my life from a magical, poetic, almost fictional perspective, but when I was there in the sea that I managed to invent with her, I felt it was a drug, an extravagant journey to an inconceivable place, a place that could only exist between her and me.

My favorite moment with Esmeralda I remember exactly, as if it had just happened. We simply walked through the city, after contemplating for hours a fountain in a square, we wanted to throw coins and ask for our kisses to be eternal, then deep conversations, to ask strange questions.

-We have made love several times, have you thought about doing strange things? I mean something other than what is commonly done in sex, it doesn't necessarily have to be disgusting or something about being sick.

-The truth is, I could have a little bit of grief with you, but I know that we already have another level of understanding, I like a lot of things, I don't know where to start. Tell me something, I have noticed that in bed you like to go further, I feel your shyness to continue and that I do not like, hahaha.

-Well yes, I really think a lot about sex, every day, every hour, I think it's the most normal and healthy we can have as humanity ... Ahhhh, hopefully, do you consume porn?

-Actually, yes, quite a lot. I enjoy it, I like it, I think it's normal, natural, we all do it. We all wanted to be like Mia Khalifa at some point.

-I think porn is demonized. People judge it because it's not "real", because it's a movie, because it doesn't teach, etc. But I think porn teaches us to explore ourselves, to understand things we didn't think we'd like, and we end up being passionate. I wasn't interested in seeing a woman giving oral sex and saying obscene words during intercourse, I didn't find it exciting, but I think that once thanks to this world, I ended up understanding and expanding the universe of my tastes.

-You're right about that, I see it a little bit similar, although if you look at our lives are based on porn, everything is porn, from the advertising poster with someone half-naked to the greeting with the rubbing above the waist. Everything has to do with porn or sex and our carnal encounters evoke pornographic moments that were once stored in our minds. Porn is supplanting love and is not a delay but an evolution, perhaps porn is healthier than what we understand by love.

-If I've read about it...

His words captivate me. She wanted to bite my lips, it was her way of telling me that she wanted a lot of spanking, or that she wanted to nail her nails to my skin.

We decided to go to a hotel nearby. And risk it, that night she asked me to do it without a condom, she swore to tell me as much rudeness as she could.

-You're a bastard, I'm going to fuck you hard and rich. Let's ride.

Then she like a wave came upon me to drown me with pleasure. That's the way things are with her, she's a strange, fantastic creature, since that day I know she's my nymph, my salvation, my madness and at the same time the sin I most often want to commit and never confess.

Between spankings that dictated the rhythm of our poetics, bites that hurt like a heart in birth, nails and tongues that only explore flesh, kisses and saliva, the true richness of our magic, kisses are undervalued, with her I could kiss myself for hours, there are so many ways to dance with our tongues and never get tired, we invented our rhythm, our songs in silence, favorite things, my favorite things. The orgasm that sentences my new life in a world where I learn from my existence together with Esmeralda.

-What will we do tomorrow?

-I don't care about anything, just being by your side.


-These orgasms are worth so much.

-And to think that everything started with following you in Instagram.

-Seriously, what are we going to do tomorrow?

-Me, think... I will try to understand the infinite pleasure that I kiss on your legs.

-I love you and I hate you, maybe it's the end of porn and love, hate us and love us without being distant between two concepts.

-Shut up, I want to fuck you again.

-Oh, ok.

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