Today’s SPOT Airdrop for RPX token holders: A closer look at Red Pulse

in neo •  8 months ago

If you own over 800 RPX tokens, you qualify to receive free SPOT tokens if you complete your registration on Do it today, because it’s first come, first serve.

Sure, you could buy RPX tokens just to receive the SPOT airdrop. But you would be selling yourself short if you didn’t take a closer look at Red Pulse, the company behind the RPX tokens, one of our partners on NEO’s NEP-5 standard.

By providing intelligence and vetted research content about the Chinese markets, Red Pulse solves a real problem in a smart way. They have created a platform to bring the research community into the sharing economy.

Red Pulse is one of the pioneers in the NEO universe and is based in Shanghai, China. The economic and innovation power of China can hardly be overestimated. Its economy is already the second largest in the world, and it is the current global leader in terms of total purchasing power parity.

Still, when it comes to investing and participating in its economy, the Chinese market can be challenging to understand.

That’s where Red Pulse comes in. The Red Pulse platform connects professional researchers with serious investors. Research content is conveniently categorized into General Macro, Finance, Tech & Internet and Consumer sectors, with an additional 4,000+ tags based on company, ticker, topics and sub-sectors. The RPX token powers new research content production and distribution.

Spotcoin will list RPX -and all of NEO’s NEP-5 tokens- on its future digital currency exchange free of any listing fees. We believe in NEO’s vision of regulation and transparency and think NEO’s agile infrastructure will prove to be a prerequisite for success.

Spotcoin will play an important role in providing simple liquidity and ease of movement to the NEO universe, with several fiat pairings, as well as GAS, BTC, ETH, and SIB.

In the coming weeks, we will have Airdrops with several of our NEP-5 family members. We’ll also highlight them here and in other media. Spotcoin is all about making digital currencies work for everyone, and we’re starting with the NEO community.

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Join our Telegram community: Spotcoin Team, Spotcoin News, and Spotcoin Bounty.

Take a look at our complete ICO offering here.

Read our Whitepaper here, for more details.

Visit, where we make digital currencies work for everyone.

Residents and citizens of the United States are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT Airdrop and the SPOT public sale. Residents and citizens of China and South Korea are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT public sales. However, certified accredited U.S. investors can take part in the SPOT private sale. Chinese and South Korean investors can participate in the private sale when paying with digital currencies, after signing the SAFT form and completing the KYC /AML process. Any investment in digital currencies comes at a risk. No one should invest money that he or she can’t afford to lose.

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Great one for starter! Red Pulse is present in my portfolio and I have great growing expectations in value!
Thanks for the awesome airdrop and congratulations to all that will be getting some airdropped SPOT for holding Red Pulse.

It is worth listening! After all, China is a truly powerful innovative economic leader in the world. They have created a platform to attract the research community to the exchange economy and I'm sure this platform will work and reach unprecedented heights !!!! Therefore, do not waste time and today start acting and making money, because today's name is

rpx holders Good news for you. This is your day

One of the most interesting ways to do an airdrop. Giving tokens to those that already hold other NEP5 tokens is a great marketing strategy.

Spotcoin is a very futuristic project with well realistic concept. Expected profit is much higher. Project team also has proven skill set for driving this along wining path.

Thanks for the great effort of the team. Great airdrop windfall for NEO-5 token, specisically XRP token holders.

I've done a background check before investing in this project and I found Great team and advisors behind this project. spotcoin will have both crypto exchanger and OTC exchange. spotcoin will be the fiat money input for the NEO blockchain. don't hesitate to invest in this project.

Communication is a key factor in any project, hoping to hear more from the team about the daily/weekly progress reports of the project

I wish I had those tokens. ..
This is a very generous and smart move. ..
Keep on Spotcoin!

spotcoin is always attractive than any other ICO. This is very interesting airdrop, this is for those who really love with NEO NEP5 platform. All the best team.

I'm sure that the Spotcoin project has all the chances to take a leading position in the rating and push out its competitors!

WoW, great news for coin team. Spot have great concept with many experiened development team. therefore this air drop is so valuble in future. don't miss this chance.

I setup my wallet for all airdrops and waiting excitedly... This is great airdrop plan for Neo community. Thank you guys!

The project has many advantages.An also the project has a very attractive project idea.To achive the best there is a strong and experienced team.This will lead the project to moon.Really lucky to join with this.

Thanks for the airdrop. You are doing a great job and I see that people are very interested in the project. I first! I will support you throughout the campaign because I believe that Spotcoin will be a great future. good luck

One of the most interesting ways to do an airdrop. Giving tokens to those that already hold other NEP5 tokens is a great marketing strategy.

Nice starting. Red Pulse, I dont have it. So I am not part of it. But looking for the next one.

Let's all contribute to this #ICO crowdsale,great concept, Brilliant idea, and great team ! This project looks very promising.

Spotcoin is really amazing! great job team, I know that spotcoin is one of the best coin on this year. I'm very glad to be part of this amazing project. Congrats to the team, dev and the spotcoin holders!

Great project, support him, he deserves great investments and good investors

Like the Spotcoin airdrop rounds. 1st one for $RPX holders great!

Spotcoin team always working hard to make the crypto space awesome. Very attractive airdrop for all NEP NEP5 lover. Spots for RPX token. Very good start. All the best team. @spotcoin #spotcoin

Nice airdeop spotcoin. Already have my spot for RPX aidrop. No mw waiting for QLC on 21st.. Lets goooo

this is a great opportunity for rpx token holders and i cant wait for efx airdrop , thank you so much spotcoin team !

I like really the platform. One of the reasons is SPOT Coin comes with NEO based platform. I would definitely support this project and tell and share with my friends how wonderful this project.

Red Pulse (RPX) is the first project that carried out ICO, based on the NEO platform. In addition, holders of RPX tokens can receive airdrops.

All members of the team have made a multi-faceted and excellent first and all the members are committed to their work, as well as all the self-confident too.

Thanks for the opportunity to get some of Spotcoin tokens! I hope it will draw a lot of attention to the project! Keep going!

This kind of airdrop is really fun to participate in. There was a countdown timer and everybody was anticipating. When the clock went sharp at 6pm (GMT +4), everybody tried to log in but there was a glitch and the pop up did not appear. However, Spotcoin managed to solve the problem in under 15 minutes. Spotcoin saved the day again. To those who just got here, Spotcoin will be doing another 3 rounds of airdrops like this. Please read the previous article here:


you make spotcoin sound like a super hero

I was just reading some news articles on the internet and funny enough come across a Red Pulse article! It's a sure thing to hold RPX - and of course, SPOT. The future is very rosy indeed and I look forward to the next airdrop - details of which is linked above. Is any member from Spot attending the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan tomorrow, May 17th?

Spotcoin made a spectacular campaign. Both the other tokens and the spotcoin will win. Good cooperation. The team works very well. Spotcoin is the right choice for a good investment.

Outstanding benefits for holders. Kudos to spotcoin for this wonderful opportunity, all thanks to the team for this great and outstanding idea.

I have been holding some RPX since the ICO. Very happy to get free SPOT airdrop by holding RPX. You guys are doing good.

I got a nice Airdop for my RPX, Cant wait for the next ones. Thanks for this awesome airdrop!

This is an impressive way to grow a community spotcoin/nep5 doing great.

Red Pulse is one of the most hyped tokens and it is very important decision for Spotcoin team to collaborate with them to introduce Spotcoin to XRP holders. Good job guys.

It is wonderful chance to get some free spotcoin before ICO for that RPX holders, And I heard there will be an airdrop for EFX holders..this will be a good news for neon base token holders

It's exciting to see such collaboration between the spot team and redpulse team, spot is really aimed at reaching a wider community.

A successful future is always a new technology. This was one of the best Airdrop for crypto lover. Waiting for upcoming QLC airdrop now. These are great series of airdrops and great for the entire $NEO ecosystem of NEP-5 tokens. Grab your coins and HOLD it. I'm sure Spotcoin project is so valuable in future.

I like how all your promotional materials looks so professional. Comparing to other ICOs, it shows you are already established company with resources.

I am waiting for it from since they declare about airdrop. I just go through tutorial video and it is quite easy to get in airdrop.

RedPulse; The first project that utilized the Neo blockchain. Paved the way for others and spotcoin included. I was lucky to get some and now i have some spot coins as well.

SpotCoin will be a revolutionary amidst Neo-based projects.

Congrats to all who receive their SpotCoin Tokens.
Lets also participate on the next airdrop which will happen this Monday.

I believe this airdrop is giving the project great exposure, especially when the exposure comes from RPX, a serious project that a lot of people in the crypto space trusts.
Win-win situastion, Spotcoin gains exposure and RPX holders gain additional value by receiving top-quality tokens.

Interesting Airdrop awaits us. I will definitely participate, as I usually do. The project promises great prospects for the future and I do not want to miss any chance to earn tokens.

Great to see that first Airdrop went so well!
Let's keep Spotcoin on the top and increase NEO community.
Congratulation to the Team for this awesome giveaway.

Wonderful news to the RPX token holders by the "best" Spotcoin team. Both partnering on NEO’s NEP-5 will be a big hit in the market on both coins.

I was able to reserve my airdrop tokens on Monday. I think both Spotcoin and Redpulse tokens are valuable tokens as these two companies have clear roadmaps and plans to deliver their services. I think price of these tokens will appreciate in the future.

Redpulse bagholders should be deligethed about this aidrop. It's nice to see Spotcoin supporting other neo based projects! Upwards and forward!

Hope all are happy with this wonderful airdrop. The same way they will put extra hard work to keep spotcoin project in success in the near future. Good luck team

Great project powered building on the NEO platform that will have an crypto exchange and an OTC platform together at the same time.
Good luck #spotcoin

Hurry up friends, good opportunity to QLC token holders. You have enough time to collect your token. Don't miss out the chance.

So in total there will be four airdrops for owning NEP-5 tokens.
It's all about creating new connections, great partnerships and eventually building that vast community.
These guys have understood one thing: the projects become successfull for the people and through the people. Everything else means nothing

I'm sure RPX hodlers and happy for this drop. Keep spreading the word about #spotcoin.

its a pitty i missed this airdrop, hopefully i will get my Spotcoin with the bounty!

Thank you a lot for your airdrop! I think this is a great marketing idea for next future of spotcoin.

spotcoin idea will help cryptocurrency to be a well know online money . Their mission is really great it will help cryptocurrency to be known by people . I wish for spotcoins success . I will follow this one

I can not miss such an event! I'll stand for a couple of days holders of these coins! Thank you for such bonuses!

This airdrop will give you all happiness. As well this project can achieve huge success near future. Hold your part for successful future. This team and everyone is trying to make this project as a
successful one.
More @

This program is worth to wait., and i like really the platform, i would denifitely support this program and tell and share to my friends how wonderful this program. Thanks for making this into a reality.

spotcoin is always attractive than any other ICO. This is very interesting airdrop, this is for those who really love with NEO NEP5 platform. All the best team.

i'm lucky to join with amazing project #spotcoin , Because spotcoin has such a experienced and talented team with good vision.Day by day project is achieving significant strides on the cryptosphere.

spotcoin is defenitely a good project with good concept. The developing team of this project has good set of skills and plans to reach its potential to the market.

Very powerful airdrop. I am very happy as the holder of this coin. Thank you!