AMIGURUMI: Crochet-knitted Snoopy

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  Hello, dear members of all the community, welcome back to my blog, continuing with the #amigurumis, today I want to present the development of Snoopy, a famous and adorable dog that does not go out of fashion, comic strip character, created by Charles Schulz. I hope you like my creation, any doubt or question I will be willing to answer.

  The materials I used were: crochet thread white, black, and red, crochet number 1.15mm, scissors, needle to sew wool and wadding to fill. If you want to make it bigger you can do it with wool and a bigger crochet.

  To make the Snoopy we are going to start with the white head. Before closing it I made the mouth and the eyes in black color, for the nose they can place a pompom of black color or to weave it as it was my case. I filled it in and closed it. I put the image of the elaboration of the head.

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a Samsung cell phone

  Then I made the body, hands and feet in white, the ears in black and the necklace in red. Let's look at the following image.

partes del cuerpo.jpg
Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram
on a Samsung cell phone and edited in the FotoCollage application.

  Later I proceeded to join the head with the body, but before sewing with the wool needle put the red necklace, this way it is simpler and the necklace would be loose in the neck, then I sewed the ears and hands putting some pins so that they did not move. Let's see the next image:

cabeza y parte del cuerpo.jpg
Source Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a Samsung cell phone

  Then, I made the leg, since what was done before was the feet that will be hung, we proceed to hook thread making three chains and join with the body just under the arm with a sliding point, go down with two (2) low points, close with a sliding point at the next point where we start the chain. To finish I made the tail.

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram
on a Samsung cell phone and edited in the FotoCollage application.

I hope you liked it, greetings to my friends crocheters of #ultimatecrochet..

Note: The titles were created and edited by @xeliram using Powert point and paint, the images were taken and edited by the author.

I am Marilex Porteles, Mathematics teacher, researcher, dreamer, I like weaving, swimming and I am the mother of a beautiful girl.

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This post is adorable. I will see about making a post today. Mondays here seem to fly. We all love Snoopy.


Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.


you are welcome.. :)

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Hello @xeliram! Welcome to #NeedleWorkMonday! Every Monday us needle crafters get together to share our work, tips, patterns, shortcuts etc. and support each other’s efforts! We encourage everyone to share the process of their work as you have done above! 😃

On Monday’s please use the #needleworkmomday tag and on all other days use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached! I hope you are able to get around to meeting the other needleworkers!

Your amigurumi Snoopy is adorable! Thank you for sharing with us ~😊


Thank you for your message, so good of you to support this kind of work.


Absolutely a pleasure ~ 😊

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